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The Future of Superyachting: Rose Damen

As the meaning of luxury and generational preferences shift, the yachting experience evolves. Superyacht thought leader Rose Damen explores the technology, trends and truths that shape the future.

Rose Damen, of Dutch shipyard Amels, explores the trends that are shaping the future of the superyacht industry. Read more insights into the future of yachting from Louis Hamming and Holger Kahl.


How have explorer yachts, expedition yachts and support vessels reshaped the yachting experience?

You’re talking about niche markets, but I think it adds to the diversity in terms of design and capability. I love seeing boat shows where there is a mix of explorers, support vessels and traditional yachts. As an industry I think we’re appealing to a wider range of clients with different interests and passions.

Why have expedition yachts seen such a rise in popularity?

A new generation of Owners want to experience the most spectacular places without limits, but still in matchless luxury. This is driving the development of tenders, submarines and aircraft. You can have so much more excitement and fun with the technology available today.

How has the concept of the explorer yacht evolved over the years?

There’s recognition that a true explorer is not just about exterior design, it about capability. In the past, if you wanted real expedition capability, you were limited to refits of retired navy or commercial ships. Today, a new build crossover between a yacht and a ship is a better option, without compromising comfort, noise and vibrations, layout or looks.

How does Damen transfer its military and commercial expertise into the yachting realm?

We emphasise sharing knowledge and experience, for example, through our centralised research department, but also by working in mixed teams. Our designers and engineers have a mix of yachting, naval and commercial shipbuilding backgrounds – that diversity breeds innovation. Hybrid power is an example of technology we transferred to our yachting portfolio.

Have your clients changed in recent years?

There has been an increase in the number of enquiries from young families. These clients are driving design and innovation, planning extraordinary adventures.

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