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Haute Horticulture

Inspired by nature's power to regenerate, superyacht designers are pushing the boundaries of green-fingered artistic expression, creating interior gardens with true wow factor.

The healing power of nature has never been more relevant. Scan this year’s trend-watching lists and you’ll likely find an entry for ‘biophilic design,’ which harnesses our innate connection with the natural world and uses it to improve the spaces we live, work and play in. It might be a new concept for many, but it has a rich history – we only have to think of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or the Paradise Gardens of the Alhambra in Grenada to see a pattern of biophilic design dating right back to ancient times. It’s no surprise then, that vertical gardens, tropical plants and fragrant landscaping are fast becoming more and more popular on board superyachts.

Netherlands-based Sinot Yacht Design fully embraced it with their 120m NATURE yacht concept. Featuring a state-of-the-art climate-controlled inner garden with adjustable mood and light settings, this green oasis is enjoyed through vast windows on both sides of the Owner’s stateroom. Serenity is also a theme that runs throughout the design of 55m Ocean Paradise, which includes a Zen garden in the foyer of the main deck – complete with delicate Bonsai trees. The 76m Boadicea, meanwhile, boasts vast, exotic gardens to escape into en route to faraway destinations. Never has there been a better time to get outside.


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