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Small is Slick

Small is beautiful, even when it comes to superyachts. Ocean Independence charts and champions superyachts below 40m.

Small is beautiful, even when it comes to superyachts. Yes, the phrase 'bigger is better' is usually the go-to cliché, but while the leviathan projects are grabbing media headlines, evolutions in technology and design mean that the other end of the spectrum – yachts below 40m – can more than hold their own. 

Offering the same levels of luxury and comfort in a tidier, more manageable package, these smaller-but-perfectly-formed superyachts come with many advantages. With designs and possibilities in this size bracket increasingly pushing the boundaries of sophistication and innovation, there has never been a better time to 'downsize'.

At a fundamental, unemotional level, smaller superyachts are easier to justify financially. Understandably, when it comes to selecting the right superyacht – whether for purchase or for charter – budget is a primary consideration. The smaller the yacht, the lower the charter, build and retail costs. The same applies to running costs in general; from insurance to dockage fees and fuel to a lower payroll.

Smaller numbers are just part of the allure of the smaller yacht. In many ways, the appeal of superyachts below 40m ties to the evolving way that people travel and enjoy their leisure time. They provide a more intimate, informal platform for the yachting lifestyle. The spaces bring guests together more naturally. Crew and guests interact slightly more closely due to the nature of the size and layout.

superyacht salu

For many, a less reserved, more approachable guest-crew relationship is something that enhances the sense of relaxation on board. It often keeps charterers coming back, year-after-year. The professionalism and high standards of crew will be of the same level of that on a larger yacht, but there will naturally be a more personal connection between the crew and your family. At 30.2m, M/Y Salu for example, is known for welcoming repeat clients every year, and has six crew members including an inspirational chef, all renowned for their excellent service.

Despite their intimacy, yachts in this size category feel anything but cramped. Layouts make excellent use of the available space, largely thanks to improved construction methods and technology, incorporating clever design solutions to capitalise on interior volume. Despite coming in under 40m, for instance, the 38m M/Y Y4H's well-planned interior layout sleeps up to 11 guests in five well-appointed staterooms and features leisure and entertainment facilities that you would expect on a much larger vessel.

y4h yacht interior

From a cruising perspective, more compact yachts can also make life significantly easier, as well as make your travels more enjoyable. For those seeking to be at the heart of the scene, you'll be able to sneak into the marinas and ports at glamorous hotspots like Portofino, Rapallo and St Tropez without the begging, borrowing or stealing required of a larger yacht to secure the limited space. You'll also find it easier to slide into the quaint, picture-perfect towns that make the Med so special. The 28.4m M/Y Quantum is perfect for winding your way from tiny town to tiny town.

If you are looking to stay under the radar, you can tuck neatly into small, isolated coves along shorelines, searching out your own private haven where the larger yachts can't access. The shallower draught also grants seamless access to places famed for their beautifully shallow waters, like the Bahamas. The 30.1m M/Y Lady Cope effortlessly glides around the Bahamian islands and into picturesque bays thanks to her 1.95m draft.

Ocean Independence has a variety of extraordinary superyachts that come in below 40m and are available for charter and for sale; perfect for families, couples or small groups looking to experience the best of the yachting lifestyle in a smaller package. Get in touch – our brokers are ready and waiting to find the perfect yacht for you.

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