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Top 5 Submarines

Once the domain of the scientific research community and hardy explorers, submersibles are now firmly on the tender garage list of must-haves for superyachts.

Traditionally the domain of scientific research vessels and hardy explorers, submarines have slowly made their way onto the list of must-haves for the superyacht tender garage over the years. No longer awkward and unwieldy pieces of equipment, modern subs can be comfortable and luxurious, providing a superyacht-friendly platform for breathtaking underwater journeys. Ocean Independence highlights five of the best models for superyachts. 


Project Neptune

Aston Martine and Triton Submarine

Although this submarine is still just a concept, it is an exciting one that marries expertise from the luxury automotive and marine worlds in what will be an exclusive, strictly-limited edition submersible. A creative collaboration between Triton and Aston Martin, Project Neptune takes Triton’s acclaimed Low Profile (LP) three-person platform and creates a vehicle with the beautiful proportions you would expect from the iconic car designer. Obviously, it still boasts the high performance, deep dive capabilities of all Triton subs, which are trusted by researchers, explorers and superyacht owners the world over.

project neptune submarine


Super Yacht Sub 3

U-Boat Worx

Dutch sub specialists U-Boat Worx are known for their rugged and reliable vessels, which have been used for countless scientific expeditions. But, as well as their research-focused models, they have also designed one specifically for the superyacht market: the Super Yacht Sub 3. Compact and luxurious, this popular range of private submarines were conceived to fit aboard superyachts and allow owners and guests to explore the depths of the ocean. There are two models in the series: the Super Yacht Sub 3 offers best-in-class performance, can take up to three people to 300m and fits easily on most superyachts, while the upgraded Super Yacht Sub 3 – 500 LX can go to 500m. U-Boat Worx owners can expect top service and support programmes as well, with the company offering everything from full operational management, the provision of crew or simply suggesting dive locations. They even have a SubCharter facility, helping owners to maximise income from their submersible.

u-boat submarine


Super Falcon 35


DeepFlight’s streamlined submarines first came to the attention of the yachting community when they were spotted on the decks of legendary sailing yacht The Maltese Falcon. Owner Tom Perkins was the first to buy one of the underwater aircraft for private use and since then DeepFlight has pushed the boundaries of sub tech and design. The newest submarine in the DeepFlight fleet is the Super Falcon 3S, designed for a pilot to take two passengers in a comfortable, form-fitting cockpit, with their legs outstretched, enjoying a 360 degree view through the viewing bubbles. The beauty of all DeepFlight subs is the ability to really ‘fly’ through the water and create the perfect underwater experience: from an unhurried, graceful cruise over a reef, to an exhilarating flight through the deep blue. You can even do loop-the-loops and breaches of the ocean surface if you are so inclined.

submarine falcon




SEAmagine’s Aurora series of luxury subs have been designed with an extremely large glass bulb, guaranteeing incredible unobstructed views. For superyachts that want to be able to wow several guests at a time or take the whole family on a submarine adventure, the Aurora-5 is the ideal choice. With space for four passengers and one pilot to sit in comfort, this personal submersible can reach extraordinary depths, reaching up to 1000m at a maximum speed of three knots for eight hours. The Aurora-5 can also be personalised to suit the mothership, with the weight, size and colour all customisable.

aurora submarine


Neyk Luxury L-1

Ocean Submarine

In a desire to combine the luxury of a private jet with the high tech submersible realm, Ocean Submarine in the Netherlands has designed the Neyk Luxury L-1. The result of eight years of research in collaboration with Rolls Royce, MTU and Bosch, this ocean-going diesel electric submarine is powered by two electric motors making for a near-silent underwater experience, while the dome’s two vertical thrusters allow it to hover perfectly over reefs or wrecks up to 150m deep. The first 19m model is due for launch in 2018 but thanks to its modular design, future models can be specified for up to 24m with space for 10, 12, 16 or 20 passengers. Modern and manoeuvrable, the Neyk can be customised to your wishes inside and out, with each interior handcrafted with the finest materials for ultimate comfort.

neyk ocean submarine

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