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Touring with Technology

Innovative supercars like the new McLaren 720S deserve to be taken on the most rip-roaring of road trips. Edel & Stark has it covered.

Car hire has not traditionally been the most glamorous of industries, but Edel & Stark changed all that when they launched back in 2011. Created with discerning drivers and supercar enthusiasts in mind, the company boasts a fleet of diverse high-end motors for hire, as well as offering limousine services and luxury sports car tours. With the latest Aston Martins, Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis to choose from, amongst others, they bring some of the most advanced cars in the world right to the doorstep of those who want to put pedal to metal in unrivalled style.

“Our aim was always to become a leading provider of high-quality transport solutions and sports car rentals in Europe and the United Arab Emirates,” explains Benedikt Lüchinger, Edel & Stark’s CEO. “The founders of the company used to work in the five-star hospitality industry, so they adapted this service quality to the luxury car rental segment.”

Edel and Stark Maclaren

One of the latest and greatest cars available to hire at Edel & Stark is the McLaren 720S, a triumph of technology and design which is faster, stronger and lighter than any of its predecessors. Beyond the illuminated 4.0 litre M840T engine, which promises fearsome power as soon as you press the start button, the car boasts Protective Chassis Control II, a new technology conceived as part of a five-year PhD project, which helps maximize grip on the go. So far so impressive, but there’s more. The car also benefits from a clever carbonfibre core, which helps make for a high-strength, low-weight passenger cell. Oh, and it can go from 0-62 mph in just 2.9 seconds. The question is, where to take this trailblazing supercar?


“Edel & Stark provides sports car tours across Europe and the United Arab Emirates,” explains Lüchinger. “Each one is guided by several of our employees, all of whom are well-trained and know every insider tip along the way. Guests can just put their hands on the steering wheel and enjoy the ride.” Some of the most popular tours include Italy’s winding Stelvio Pass, voted as the most beautiful driving road in the world by Top Gear; exclusive access to the top of Jabal Akhdar mountain in Oman; or a racing day with the Holy Trinity, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder, on a race track in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. “Basically, we provide our clients with outstanding ideas for everlasting memories,” adds Lüchinger.

United Arab Emirates

Thanks to the company’s adoption of the latest drone technology – those precious memories will be captured on camera forever – with additional options for 360-degree camera footage both inside and on top of the vehicle. Walkie-talkies ensure communication is quick and easy, and a bespoke on-demand app helps users stay up-to-date with every aspect of their trip. As far as road trips go, it looks like Edel & Stark are streets ahead.

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