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An Unrivalled World of Wellbeing

Striking the perfect balance between health and harmony, is it any wonder that the discerning clientele of Switzerland’s trailblazing Clinique La Prairie keep coming back for more?

It’s been described as “a retreat with two souls” – and that seems the perfect description for Clinique La Prairie, which is at once both a medical centre and an award-winning spa. 

Founded in 1931 by Dr. Paul Niehans, a pioneer in cell therapy, the clinic has been a leading light in preventative medicine ever since, thanks to ongoing research and an ever-evolving team of specialists including 35 doctors and over 200 experts handpicked from across the globe. 

Today, from its enviable location on the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux, Clinique La Prairie attracts a discerning and international clientele who appreciate the clinic’s holistic approach and trust in their ability to strike the right balance between health and harmony. “All of our programs begin with a medical consultation and a variety of tests that enable our experts to create a personalised program for each guest,” explains Simone Gibertoni, Clinique La Prairie’s CEO. 

Programs centre around four main pillars: medical, wellness, nutrition and movement. One of the most popular is the clinic’s signature Revitalisation Program, designed to slow down the ageing process by enhancing the immune system. Building on this is the new Revitalisation Premium Program, an updated and upgraded version of the original and now the world’s most advanced anti-ageing and longevity treatment. Unsurprisingly, it’s struck a chord with guests, but there are countless other motivations to visit Clinique La Prairie. 

“Anti-ageing and longevity might be the most popular motivations to come here,” Gibertoni points out, “but guests also come here to look after their health, to re-energize, to relax and recharge, to look and feel younger.” So far, so good. 

And it gets better yet. Beyond the health and wellness programs, the experience itself takes place in utterly luxury. “Our ratio of staff to guest is the same as a 5-star hotel,” says Gibertoni. Pair that with the majestic surrounds of the Swiss Riviera and that temperate climate and it’s little wonder that many guests come back here year after year to recharge and revitalise. 

With only 35 rooms and suites and such a commitment to personal service, staying at Clinique La Prairie is already an intimate experience, but the recently opened Private Chalet takes things the extra mile for guests seeking utter seclusion and discretion. With four bedrooms, an indoor pool, a fully-equipped spa and far more besides, the exclusive chalet promises the same unrivalled health and wellness services of the main clinic, as well as that all-important Swiss mountain air. 

“Switzerland is definitely an important part of our DNA,” says Gibertoni. “From our high standards of health care and hospitality, to our exceptional landscapes and incredible views, guests who prioritise their health and happiness are naturally drawn to Montreux.” And who can blame them? 

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