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There are few things in life that come close to the feeling of commissioning a superyacht.

There are few things in life that come close to the feeling of commissioning a superyacht. A journey requiring vision, dedication, compromise and, most importantly, patience, it will be one of the most challenging and rewarding undertakings of your life.

You’ve seen everything there is to see, done almost everything there is to do and are searching for your next adventure. Perhaps you’ve been a long-time charterer and over the years developed a list of everything you would do differently on your own yacht. Or maybe you have been sketching superyacht silhouettes onto cocktail napkins dreaming of the places you would go. The time has come to make your dream yacht a reality.

The freedom that a superyacht gives its owner is unparalleled. License to do as you wish, when you wish, restrained only by your imagination. The beauty of building a custom yacht is that you can be as much or as little involved as you wish. To ensure that your build journey is a smooth one, your first port of call is with your broker, who will help you identify and understand the type of boating life you would like to lead. It may be that your focus is on family or that you want the best entertainment platform for friends. Perhaps you intend to stick to the yachting hubs of the Med, want to compete in regattas or have plans of an epic round-the-world adventure. Being independent from shipyards and designers gives us a unique perspective on the market. As your broker, we will will embrace your vision, help you make a checklist of priorities and show you a selection of existing yachts that reflect your ambitions to further inspire you.

yacht in construction at night

The job of interpreting your vision, combining it with the practical demands of the sea and your lifestyle requirements, to create the plans for your yacht falls to the designer. No matter how involved you would like to be, the owner and designer relationship is an important one and as your broker, we will help you meet with them and their teams to discuss your build in greater detail. Your chosen designer will submit drawings to a number of shipyards and we will then analyse the suggested plans with you, ensuring the ship builders are adequately resourced to deliver the project. Foremost in our approach is ensuring the vessel represents fantastic value for money and stands the test of time. The final stage of the planning process is placing a world class project manager at the helm to ensure the smooth running of the build.

You will be welcomed by every member of the process to follow as much or as little of the build as you wish and watch your creation come to life. When that bottle of champagne finally cracks over the bow, it will seem like only yesterday that your superyacht was nothing but a vague idea or rough sketch on a napkin. You have created something that is distinctly yours. As you stare up at the vessel and look around at the incredible number of experts who worked tirelessly with you to bring your vision to life, the unique sense of achievement will be something you never forget.

From the moment you step foot onto the deck and the engines start for the first time, life will be forever altered and just that bit more special.

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