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Founded in 1973 by five young boat builders in their 20s, Baltic Yachts was launched with a distinct philosophy that still characterises the shipyard’s vessels to this day. Entering the sailing industry at a young age, the boat builders had a vision for the future of yachting. Using new technologies, they wanted to build boats that were lighter, stiffer, faster and greener, to enhance performance and support sustainability.

Despite the unconvinced elders in the industry, in 1974 the five boat builders unveiled their first BALTIC 46 at the Hamburg Boat Show – their lightweight and revolutionary design turning heads and showing the first sparks of success. Three years later, the group sold 12 of their BALTIC 39 yachts during their world premier at the same show, soon becoming their most popular model.

Working alongside naval architects C&C, Baltic Yachts continued to release a string of industry-leading designs, including the BALTIC 43 which became their most commercially successful yacht, according to the founder.

Today, Baltic Yachts continues to pride itself on its innovative designs, industry-leading research and unique philosophy, all of which aid them in producing some of the world’s most bespoke, luxurious yachts.



The shipyard specialises in producing lightweight sailing yachts that offer both performance and comfort for multi-role sailing. Their philosophy of building yachts that are lighter, stiffer and faster still stands to this day, combining the latest carbon fibre engineering with top build quality from their skilled workforce.

They are renowned for their range of semi-custom and custom yachts varying from 50 to 200 feet.



Baltic Yachts is considered as one of the leading shipyards in producing high-end luxury sailing yachts, both in terms of style and performance. In fact, many industry experts would place them in the A-list of leading manufacturers, thanks to their unrivalled craftsmanship, innovation and adventurous design.

Baltic’s vessels are characterised by their lightweight structure, sleek and aerodynamic profiles, and durable materials, making them the ideal yachts for racing as well as exploring new destinations on a relaxing vacation. Innovation is at the core of their construction process – whether it’s a performance-enhancing DSS foil, a retractable propeller or finger-light responsive steering, Baltic Yachts can deliver.

But even with their focus on performance, Baltic does not compromise on luxury. With sumptuous interiors, comfortable living spaces and envy-inducing accommodation, the Finnish shipyard delivers in all aspects of yacht design.



Every yacht launched by the shipyard has its own unique charm, however there are a few notable yachts that have caused waves in the yachting community. From the award-winning BALTIC 175 PINK GIN, which was named the largest carbon sloop in the world, to the BALTIC 142 CANOVA, which was the first superyacht to be equipped with a DSS foil. The shipyard is laser-focused on producing only the best, most innovative, groundbreaking sailing yachts that will continue to shape the industry for years to come.

Key Statistics

  • Average yacht length: 36.45m
  • Largest yacht: HETAIROS (67m)
  • 550+ yachts built to date

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