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Benetti is one of the world’s oldest and largest builders of superyachts, winning the ‘Shipyard Number 1’ award from Showboats International Magazine more times than any other shipyard.

The origin of the yacht brand dates back to the foundation of two of the most ancient Italian shipyards: the one of Fratelli Benetti founded in Viareggio in 1873, and the Fratelli Orlando shipyard founded in Livorno in 1866.

Initially, the yard was focused on building commercial vessels – from fishing boats to Mediterranean trading ships. When the founder’s sons took over the shipyard, they shifted their focus onto ocean-going ships and private yachts, quickly expanding their reach beyond the Mediterranean.

In the following years, the company not only pioneered the first steel hulled, diesel vessel, but they also triggered an evolution towards the production of their first luxury megayachts. Since the 1980s, the shipyard has become renowned for their luxury sailing and motor yachts.

In 1985, a new dynasty acquired the company, ushering in a new era for the shipyard as Benetti’s legacy continued under the Azimut Group.



Ranging from 37m to 108m, Benetti’s Italian superyachts are constructed using FRP, steel and aluminium. In 1961, the shipyard transitioned from wood to steel, triggering an evolution in their fleet.

Their superyachts can be grouped into six clear families:

  1. Benetti Class embodies classic Mediterranean yachting, combining displacement composite models 29m to 44m in length.
  2. Yachts within the B.Yond series are designed for long distance cruising in the utmost comfort.
  3. The B.Now series are custom-designed, ranging from 50m to 68m, and made with high-quality steel and aluminium for a sleek, modern finish.
  4. The Oasis series launched in 2019 is only available in the 40m model, and is their most modern design within the fleet.
  5. B.Century yachts are for those who desire a true yachting experience, without any compromise, with a perfect match of design and functionality.
  6. And the Custom family superyachts are built to individual designs and preferences, recently crossing over into the 100m mark of length.



Combining creativity, technology and experience, the Italian superyacht brand prides itself on delivering industry-leading megayachts that satisfy even the loftiest expectations of their customers.

They create unique and recognisable products through traditional Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, and focus on creating luxury not through flashy design, but through attention to detail, high-quality materials and refined elegance.



The shipyard has launched a series of world-renowned superyachts, many going on to live a life of celebrity and fame. Perhaps one of the most notable of the fleet is 86m KINGDOM 5KR, previously called NABILA.

This superyacht was not only the largest of her time, but also went on to feature in the James Bond movie, Never Say Never Again, and was owned for a time by former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Another of their most famous yachts is LUMINOSITY – one of the largest superyachts in the world, boasting an impressive 107.2m in length, and one of the first yachts to feature an eco-conscious hybrid propulsion system.

Key Statistics

  • 350+ yachts produced to date
  • Average build length of 40m
  • Largest yacht built: IJE (108m)

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