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The official establishment of what is today the world’s leading superyacht brand took place in a cafe in Amsterdam in 1949. An acronym for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, Feadship took form following a partnership between six Dutch shipyards: de Vries Lentch, Van de Stadt, Witsen & Vis, Akerboom, De Vries Scheepsbouw and Van Lent Shipyard, and De Voogt Naval Architects.

The Dutch brand made its debut appearance in the New York Boat Show of 1951. But it wasn’t until the 1953 International Motor Boat Show that the brand really made its impact, where their motor yacht CAPRI wowed judges and owners alike with the high quality craftsmanship and use of steel, which was rarely used in North America at the time.

As the shipyard established itself in the American market and orders began flooding in for steel and aluminium yachts, they retired the use of wood and began to attract the eye of the rich and famous – including magazine publisher Malcolm Forbes, who commissioned the first of three THE HIGHLANDER yachts in 1957, and Henry Ford, whose SANTA MARIA was, at the time, one of the most expensive Feadships ever built.

Now, over 70 years since its establishment, the Dutch superyacht brand operates across four shipyards in the Netherlands, continuing to produce some of the world’s finest quality yachts for customers around the world.



Originally constructed out of wood, Feadship now focuses all its attention on building entirely custom yachts from steel and aluminium. Their yacht fleet ranges from just 7m to 110m, although they have not produced anything under 33m for well over a decade.

Each of their builds is entirely unique and bespoke, starting with a blank page and finishing with a truly one-of-a-kind superyacht that fits perfectly with the customer’s vision. With a dedicated team of designers, architects and engineers, they let their customers take the lead in making their vision a reality.



Feadship categorise themselves as much by what they won’t do, as by what they will do. The production of their yachts takes time, but the results speak for themselves. Defined by true customisation, innovation and borderless creativity, these yachts are easily recognised by their standout style and unrivalled quality.

From biomimicry to glass-bottomed pools, augmented reality control centres and sleek new profiles – the brand’s futuristic designs are leading the way to what comes next for the yachting industry.



Alongside the yachts commissioned to Henry Ford and Malcolm Forbes, Feadship has produced a series of world-renowned superyachts, including the 85m turbine-powered ECSTASEA which was delivered in 2004.

The shipyard also built the largest luxury yacht in the Netherlands, with the 110.5m ANNA launched in 2018.

Key Statistics

  • Average yacht length of 52m
  • 220 yachts built to date
  • Largest yacht built: 118m

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