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After training as a boatbuilder, Friedrich Lürssen was encouraged by his father to open his own shipyard. At the age of 24, he set up a workshop in Aumund, Germany, and began to build and sell racing rowboats for the Bremen oarsman. Soon, word spread of his lightweight designs and excellent craftsmanship, receiving orders from all across Germany.

In 1886, Lürssen built the world’s first motorboat – measuring at six metres and weighing 60 kilos. This sparked a new wave of popularity for the shipyard, spreading his name worldwide.

By 1926, the company had built their 10,000th vessel, emphasising their unrivalled experience within the shipbuilding industry. Fast forward to 1971, and they had built CARINTHIA VI, setting new standards for modern superyacht design.

The shipyard has been passed down for four generations, continuing the founder’s legacy and passion for the yachting world, and continuing to expand and empower their brand with their high-quality military vessels and modern megayachts.



Having initially launched the shipyard constructing racing rowboats, the company has evolved significantly over the past 150 years. During the 1920s and 30s, they adapted to market needs, producing racing and pleasure boats, and shifted their focus primarily to military vessels from the post-war period up until the 1990s.

Now, a little over a third of the shipyard’s workload is for the German Navy, but luxury design, innovative technologies and unparalleled quality is what has given the brand its current reputation.

Lürssen specialise in yachts 60m and over, and are responsible for the build of more Top 100 yachts than any other builder.



The experience, reliability and efficiency that accompanies the Lürssen name is prevalent in every yacht they produce. From the attention to detail to their ability to break records, set new standards and achieve the impossible – they are always working towards what comes next for the yachting industry.

What makes the German shipyard truly unique is the knowledge and expertise that has seen generations of boat-builders, seafarers and engineers succeed in the industry – something that few yacht-builders can claim.

With no external investors or shareholders, the brand offers a family-centric, empathy-led service that promises a product that will always exceed expectations.

And now, with a renewed focus on sustainability, the company’s yachts are equipped with some of the industry’s most innovative eco-conscious technologies, including utilising waste engine heat to operate onboard desalination systems, as well as lowering NOx, soot and noise emissions with new compact silencers.



Lürssen yachts have always been front-and-centre, setting new standards for the industry since 1875. Perhaps some of their most notable yachts produced to date include:

  • REMS: The world’s first motorboat, commissioned by inventor and engine manufacturer Gottlieb Daimler, triggered a seismic shift in the industry with its game-changing technology and state-of-the-art design.
  • AZZAM: This 180.65m superyacht is the longest yacht in the world, built in less than three years and exceeding 30 knots in speed.
  • DILBAR: Another record-breaker, this 15,917 tonne vessel is the world’s largest motor yacht in terms of gross tonnage.

Key Statistics

  • Longest yacht built to date: AZZAM (181m)
  • Largest yacht by volume: DILBAR (156m)
  • Average build length of 86m

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