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Originally named Johnson and Gmack, the superyacht shipyard built a reputation in the 1920s by repairing rowing skiffs and commercial fishing vessels, launching its first wooden yacht later in 1928.

Much like many shipyards at the time, the war period forced the company to shift their focus to military vessels, and they built over forty 45-foot air-sea rescue boats and four 65-foot ‘T’ class freighters.

In 1956, the company was renamed to Palmer Johnson, after the founder’s son, and the yard quickly became renowned as one of the pioneers in aluminium yacht-building. Within five years, they produced the world’s largest aluminium sailing yacht of that time, measuring at 25.6 metres.

Following several unproductive years, the company was sold to current Owner, English businessman Timur Mohamed in 2003, who launched the SportYacht series soon after – a fleet that has become one of the most popular in the midsize superyacht segment.

Now, the brand is renowned for their bold designs, high standards and crisp profile lines – all of which contribute to their immense popularity and luxury status.



Specialising in sporty designs, Palmer Johnson produces a range of high performance superyachts up to 65m in length, with the smallest yachts in their fleet just exceeding 24m. From the sturdy Explorer line to the luxurious, Italian-inspired SportYacht series, and now the SuperSport – their reputation for style, performance and design apply to a wide range of yachts within their fleet.



Sleek silhouettes, predatory stances, elegant curves – all part and parcel of a Palmer Johnson superyacht. Their signature portholes, crisp edges and high performance materials are what set these yachts apart in a sea of sameness.

With carbon fibre bodies, the SuperSport series are designed to be faster, more efficient, more stable and more spacious, without compromising style or performance. Fluid exterior lines make for a futuristic, elegant profile, and their revolutionary hull design allows for more speed with up to fifty percent less fuel.

And if the industry-leading performance and envy-inducing design aren’t enough for you, their onboard features provide the ultimate indulgence – from panoramic ocean views to ample deck space, floor to ceiling windows and nautical-inspired decor.



Perhaps the most noteworthy Palmer Johnson yacht produced to date is the 65m motor yacht LADY M, delivered to her Owner in 2013. With a top speed of 28 knots, she is the largest aluminium yacht ever built in the United States, and benefits from a semi-displacement hull to provide impressive speeds.

Key Statistics

  • Average yacht length: 38.66m
  • Largest yacht: VICKY (59.4m)
  • 88 yachts built to date

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