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Starting with humble beginnings in 1958, Sanlorenzo shipyard built their world-renowned brand with authentic wooden yachts. The first shipyard was opened just outside of Florence, and in 1972 it was taken over by Giovanni Jannetti, who opened another shipyard in Viareggio, Tuscany.

In 1995, Sanlorenzo’s ship-building process underwent a significant transformation, launching their first fibreglass yacht, the SL75, setting a new standard for motor yachts. It was not until the SL100 was launched several years later that the Italian shipyard began to cement itself as a world-class luxury yacht builder.

Soon after, the former Managing Director of Amizut-Benetti took over, and under his management the shipyard saw its value of production skyrocket from EUR 40 million in 2004, to EUR 320 million in 2017.

Today, Sanlorenzo ranks as second in the top shipyards in the world in the construction of yachts above 24 metres.



Having progressed from their humble beginnings as wooden yacht manufacturers, Sanlorenzo yachts today are characterised by their experienced craftsmanship passed down for generations, with an expert handcrafted finish that has become an expected trademark of the Italian shipyard.

With a 5-stage customisation process, the shipyard’s priority is to meet the individual needs of each client, allowing them to produce entirely personalised and unique vessels, every time. Their aim is to produce world-class yachts that outlive fashion and trends – a timeless vessel that will satisfy generations to come.



With entirely customised yachts, every product is unique. Sanlorenzo gives clients the freedom to choose every aspect of the yacht, from the materials, to the interior design, profile and even the cladding. They believe every Owner should have the opportunity to have a vessel that perfectly reflects their individual personality, and that’s why their custom yachts are of such a high calibre.

Elegance, exclusivity and elaborate design all come part and parcel of a Sanlorenzo yacht. Ranging from 40m to 64m, this shipyard specialises in durable, timeless, innovative designs that meet the individual criteria of each client.



Each and every one of Sanlorenzo’s yachts are notable for their unique style, customised design and standout appeal. Perhaps some of the most noteworthy among their fleet include the 46STEEL, which was the first displacement superyacht to be made of steel, as well as the SL118 which became the flagship for their fibreglass range of yachts, and the iconic SL100 which revolutionised the superyacht sector with its release in 1995.

Key Statistics

  • Average build length: 32m
  • Largest yacht built: ATTILA (64m)
  • 400+ yachts built to date

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