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Originally named Poole Power Boats, the shipyard was founded by brothers Robert and John Braithwaite in 1969. Having bought out the boat mould of American boat builder Owens, the brothers made their debut in the yachting world, and by the early 1970s had already launched their first 17 and 23-foot yachts.

By 1972, the shipyard was exhibiting its fleet at the Southampton Boat Show, which triggered a new wave of popularity for the company as they caught the eye of none other than Formula One driver Henry Taylor. Having commissioned a yacht that would accommodate a full width sunbed, they set about designing and building the custom yacht – a project that would revolutionise how the company delivered upon customer expectations.

The first boat to carry the name Sunseeker was built in the mid-1970s, and after gaining widespread recognition for their deep-V hulls and iconic silhouette, the company finally made the switch and changed their name to Sunseeker International Yachts.

Over the following decades, they evolved with customer demand, going on to produce sports cruisers, and eventually, superyachts – setting the benchmark as one of the world’s leading boat builders.



Specialising in motor yachts ranging from 38 to 161 feet, the shipyard’s fleet consists of various high-performing, industry-leading vessels. From carbon fibre structures to diab foam, anti-vibration mounts and superior technology – the design and structure of Sunseeker yachts are carefully crafted for maximum comfort, luxury and indulgence.



The England-based superyacht shipyard is constantly innovating and evolving to keep pace with emerging technologies, but one trademark feature that has always remained is their iconic race-derived deep-V hull. Over the years, they have developed and refined an easily-driven, soft-riding design that commands exceptional agility, handling and precision, and is a defining trait of their yachts to this day.

Other notable features include their use of lightweight materials to maximise yacht performance, as well as modern, minimalist interior designs for a timeless elegance and class.



Every yacht in the Sunseeker fleet has its own unique character and charm that makes them stand out in a competitive market. But over the years, some yachts have caught the public’s eye more than others, including the PREDATOR 108 which featured as Le Chiffre’s hideaway in the 2008 James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. Still considered one of the shipyard’s most attractive superyachts to date, it’s the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Key Statistics

  • 22 models across 6 series
  • Average build length of 30m
  • 400+ superyachts built to date

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