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Charter Destination Antarctica

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View dramatic scenery, towering icebergs and untouched wild lands from your luxury yacht. Sailing beneath clear starry night skies, far from civilization, is a truly incredible feeling. The closest thing on earth to being on another planet, Antarctica is a voyage that will change your life.

A yacht charter in Antarctica is the ultimate experience for nature lovers and those who like to venture off the beaten track.

Enjoy an expedition in comfort, luxury and safety whilst discovering the spectacular Antarctic environment. As well as watching the incredible wildlife (seals, whales, penguins and more), at certain times of year you can also dive, fish and climb.

The southern lights or Aurora Australis are visible in the night sky, diamond dust clouds can be seen under clear skies and sun dogs are an optical phenomenon viewed beside the sun. Embrace the magic of the Antarctic landscape from on board your own private yacht, on your terms.

Why Visit?

  • Stunning views
  • History and culture
  • Wildlife

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The Best of Antarctica

  • If you walk around the Ceremonial Pole marking the southernmost spot on earth, technically this is a circumnavigation of the world by crossing the 360 lines of longitude.
  • Antarctica is home to Mount Erebus, the southernmost active volcano in the world, plus the only known lava lakes filled with liquid magma for eons despite the frozen conditions.
  • On the white continent watch wildlife undisturbed: colonies of penguins are always full of character - make sure you take a big camera memory card.

Charter Itinerary Antarctica Itinerary

The startling white continent of Antarctica, strewn with shimmering blue bergs and home to incredible wildlife, provides adventurous yacht charterers with the ultimate voyage of discovery.


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