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Charter Destination The Kimberley

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Within a deeply contrasting landscape of spectacular gorges, limestone caves, pristine lakes, sandstone cliffs, and ancient mountain ranges, The Kimberley is renowned for diverse colours found in the clear turquoise waters and deep red and orange hues of the countryside.

With predominantly two seasons – the dry and the wet – it is hot most of the year, with average temperatures generally above 30°C. The stable and generally predictable dry season is from May to September, with clear skies, warm days, the occasional cool night and low chance of rain. From November to April the unpredictable wet season delivers 90% of the regions’ rainfall with monsoons that inundate the region; flooded rivers that replenish the waterfalls and waterways.

The Kimberley experiences some of the highest tides in the world, which can be up to 10m on a single tide in some areas. These vast movements of water create spectacular natural wonders such as the Horizontal Falls and Montgomery Reef – indeed to be there, just at the right time of day, makes for an even more inspiring visit. Yacht charter itineraries here are designed with seasonal and tidal variations at the fore to ensure maximum freedom and flexibility for guests to fully experience the region.

Why Visit?

  • Big game fishing
  • Stunning views
  • History and culture
  • Wildlife

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The Best of The Kimberley

  • Pay a visit to the Argyle Diamond Mine where you can see rare pink diamonds extracted from the ancient rocks each year.
  • In Broome, see 130 million year-old dinosaur footprints preserved in rock at Gantheaume Point.
  • Trek the Mitchell Plateau and view the majestic Mitchell Falls – a spectacular series of four waterfalls that cascade down over layers of rock into a deep pool.

Charter Itinerary The Kimberley

Travel around the north-western edge of Australia to discover a raw, wild coastline dotted with some 2600 beautiful islands; welcome to The Kimberley.

Rugged cliff inside a gorge

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