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Charter Destination The Saronic Islands

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From the twinkling blue sea to the blissfully relaxed pace, the Saronic Islands of Greece are a very special yacht charter destination. Enjoy a warm welcome at whitewashed tavernas, stroll endless beaches and relish the calm.

For history aficionados, this is a treasure trove of incredible ancient culture where ruins, like sirens, lure you in with spellbinding appeal. Mythology and legend thrive in this extraordinary region where your imagination can run wild. For history aficionados, mythology and legend thrive in this extraordinary region where your imagination can run wild.

Bustling village cafes filled with friendly locals and an easy-going atmosphere will doubtless entertain tastebuds  with deliciously rustic local fare. Wide open landscapes beg walkers to explore rugged pathways that wind through olive groves, over rocky hillsides and across pine-strewn shores dotted along the undulating coastline. Easily accessed by yacht, the idyllic, private coves are tranquil, presenting countless stunning beaches to choose from. From pebbles to velvet sand, tiny rock platforms to horseshoe stretches, these diverse shores are all set within effortlessly laid back landscapes.  There is no better way to explore the clusters of glorious beach, clear seas and secluded bays than by chartering a luxury yacht.

Culture is key: from worshipping the sea god Poseidon in Poros to reliving a monumental sea battle in Salamina, the countless tales from history and mythology serve to enhance the allure of a Saronic yacht charter.  Chartering a yacht in the Saronic Islands means that you are guaranteed a warm Greek welcome, overflowing with charisma. It’s no wonder that ouzo-washed evenings seduce visitors in this isle-rich utopia.

Why Visit?

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Stunning views
  • Wildlife
  • History and culture
  • Vibrant nightlife
  • Wreck diving