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Charter Destination Pontine Islands

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Six islands in total make up the pretty Pontine archipelago, with alluring Ventotene and Ponza the largest and best known. For tranquillity and sheer charm, these islands are a wonderful destination for relaxed cruising, exploring ashore and some excellent underwater discoveries.

Clandestine and inviting, the rugged island of Ponza is a quaint yachting haven where windless coves dot the coastline. Casual restaurants deliver understated nightlife with sunset aperitifs and delicious fresh fare; this is a place to relish unmitigated Italian charm with laid-back simplicity.

Without any permanent inhabitants or a port, the diminutive islet of Gavi nearby attracts few visitors, but the shallow waters close to its shore provide superb swimming and snorkelling. Look out for the Grottone di Gavi in the rocky outcrops.

Ventotene is perfect for water lovers, with opportunities to explore an underwater world full of shipwrecks and marine life. A true getaway isle to soak up the vibe and relax amongst the beautiful scenery or head ashore to stroll the ancient Via Olivi. The sandy stretch at Cala Nave is a great anchorage to enjoy the clear waters.

Picturesque and inviting, the rocky islet of Palmarola is the pearl of the Pontines, with crystalline waters and secret caves. This protected nature reserve is also a diver’s paradise, claimed by Jacques Cousteau to be the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

Tiny Santo Stefano measures just 400 metres from one side to the other. Once a penal colony, it is now completely uninhabited. The main sight here is the abandoned prison which can be visited by a guided excursion. The mix of azure waters around the island are quite extraordinary and home to rich marine life.

Craggy Zannone has a somewhat chequered past, made famous by a group of adventurous aristocrats. However these days, the island’s only inhabitants left are a flock of mouflon wild sheep, brought specifically to the island to liven up hunting. Raw nature and wild allure give this isle its blissful appeal.

Why Visit?

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Culinary delights
  • History and culture
  • Stunning views
  • Wreck diving

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The Best of Pontine Islands

  • Head to iconic Acqua Pazza restaurant on the port side promenade. This is where the delicious tomato, caper and olive "Acqua Pazza" sauce, famous all over Italy, was invented.
  • Zannone is within the National Park of Circeo and home to hundreds of rare species of birds. Take time to spot flamingos, cormorants and rare white-tailed eagles.
  • The ruins of the Roman Villa Giulia on Ventotene can be seen on the tip of the Eolo headland by the port. The island is scattered with a variety of Roman remains.

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