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Charter Destination Bermuda

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Bermuda is not just another tropical destination. It's a canvas painted with the best of nature's hues, awaiting exploration on a Bermuda yacht charter. A totally tropical yachting haven, Bermuda is an idyllic destination with extensive cruising grounds tailor-made for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury on a private yacht charter. As the sails unfurl, and the anchor drops, discover the magic of Bermuda's stunning beaches, exciting dive sites, and picturesque coves that many dream of but only a few get to explore.

Influenced by a long colonial past, Bermuda’s whitewashed cottages and icing sugar mansions stand out hilltop amidst swaying palms, while luxurious resorts and spas sprawl shoreside.

Influenced by a long colonial past, Bermuda’s whitewashed cottages and icing sugar mansions stand out hilltop amidst swaying palms. The island beckons with luxurious resorts and spas sprawl shoreside, ideal for those who’ve chosen the intimate experience of a private yacht charter in Bermuda.

Renowned for a coastline fringed by pink-sand beaches, Bermuda is the ideal place to truly unwind. The unique island culture exudes a relaxed vibe perfect for luxury seekers. The opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities is plentiful. Whether looking to enjoy a round of golf, try your hand at paddle boarding, or simply to bask in the ambiance of this paradise during your Bermuda yacht charter, this is the spot.

Stop at vibrant Hamilton, the beating heart of Bermuda’s culture and economy. As the capital city, it offers more than just scenic beauty to those sailing on a private yacht charter in Bermuda. With picturesque streets strewn with eateries amidst the striking gothic towers of the cathedral, the energy here is enchanting. Snorkelling fans must head to east to Tobacco Bay where the waters are sublime. Moreover, for those on their Bermuda yacht charter journey, the art of relaxation can be achieved to perfection at pink-hued Elbow Beach. A trip to Bermuda isn’t just about the journey, but about the stories you’ll gather and memories you’ll make.

Why Visit?

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Stunning views
  • Wreck diving
  • History and culture
  • World class restaurants

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The Best of Bermuda

  • Anchor off incredibly beautiful Horseshoe Bay - famed worldwide as one of the most picturesque beaches on the planet.
  • Go underground at the Crystal & Fantasy Caves - two caverns and submerged lakes, formed over more than 30 million years.
  • Go west and tour the Royal Naval Dockyard - a living and breathing example of fascinating history within the old fortifications.

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