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Charter Destination The Galapagos Islands

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Found off the coast of Ecuador, visit the Galapagos for a showcase of evolution in unspoiled natural beauty whilst indulging in the peace and calm of one of the most remote spots on the planet. Not all of these volcanic islands are open to tourists and some can only be visited by guided, licensed boats.

Despite their sometimes barren appearance, Charles Darwin’s “Enchanted Isles” are, without a doubt, one of the most magical places on the planet. The rugged coastline is interspersed with cactus forests, pristine beaches, hidden coves and quiet bays that are perfect for any seasoned traveller seeking natural tranquility.

One of the main highlights is the remarkable wildlife encountered here, including colourful crabs, bustling penguins, proud flamingos and a vast array of species found nowhere else in the world. Approximately half of the species living here are indigenous and wholly unique to this small archipelago, making conservation and protection all the more important. For this reason, access to the islands is only granted to visitors accompanied by guides, in order to preserve this natural wonderland for generations to come. This is the ultimate holiday destination for animal lovers.

Underwater, the bounty of life is equally exciting. Experienced divers will revel in a world filled with marine life that is encouraged by an amalgamation of colder currents from Antarctica and warmer ones from the Pacific. Large and vibrant fish, ranging from hammerhead sharks to eagle rays make a dive here a singularly extraordinary  experience. Equally, the waters can be explored by snorkelling for those less accustomed to the somewhat difficult diving conditions.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular activities in the Galapagos are snorkelling, scuba diving and guided tours. With white beaches and great swells, there is also plenty of surfing, swimming and sunbathing to do. For those that prefer a more relaxed pace, the tourist hub of Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island) also offers great shopping, fine restaurants and luxury hotels.

Why Visit?

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Stunning views
  • Great surf spots
  • Wildlife

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The Best of the Galapagos Islands

  • Rancho Primicias is a sanctuary for a vast selection of different tortoise breeds, some are over 100 years old.
  • Cruise around Kicker Rock, that changes colour below the waterline, and enjoy amazing snorkelling amidst turtles, sea lions and rays.
  • Try your hand at surfing on Puerto Chino Beach, San Cristobal with the assistance of frolicking sea lions who like to join in!

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