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7 days Langkawi to Phuket

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Chart your course on an enchanting 7-day journey that seamlessly marries the charm of Langkawi with the allure of Phuket. This luxury Langkawi to Phuket itinerary unfolds across the stunning islands of South East Asia, each day promising a blend of pristine beaches, breathtaking dive sites, and serene scenic beauty.

This itinerary is a blend of two stunning countries in South East Asia. Malaysia and Thailand's beautiful islands will deliver a host of amazing beaches, dive sites and scenic beauty along the way.

Yachting in South East Asia is a trip to paradise. Embrace the varied culture, sensational food, diverse flora and fauna together with landscapes that will take your breath away. This Langkawi Phuket adventure destination offers the chance to cruise away from the crowds to remote locations filled with tranquillity. For lovers of nature, diving, and relaxation, this is the place to explore.


  • Beautiful beaches
  • History and culture
  • Stunning views
  • Wildlife
  • World class restaurants
  • Wreck diving


Day One langkawi to butang islands

Beautiful white sand beach

Set sail from Langkawi, a beacon of luxury nestled on the west coast of Malaysia. As your private yacht slips its mooring, you're not merely embarking on a Langkawi to Phuket cruise, but an expedition that merges elegance with nature's finest. Langkawi isn't just a tropical retreat; it's a UNESCO Geopark, a testament to the island's rich biodiversity and geological significance. From the deck, witness the impressive silhouette of white-bellied sea eagles soaring, a common sight in this ecological haven. Heading north, the coastline tells tales of ancient rainforests while vibrant marine life thrives below. As the sun melts over the horizon, the pristine waters around the Butang Islands beckon. Anchoring here promises serene views and the anticipation of the six days of luxury and discovery that lie ahead.

Day Two the butang islands

The bow of a traditional wooden boat

The Butang Islands, protected by the Tarutao National Marine Park, comprise over 50 individual isles. Each provides unique diving spots, pristine beaches, and quiet coves. Accessible primarily by yacht, these islands promise both exclusivity and raw natural beauty. Divers will appreciate the islands' underwater biodiversity. Here, a quarter of the world's tropical fish species thrive, making it a vibrant mosaic of marine life. Dive deep and you'll likely spot angelfish, trumpetfish, and, if you're lucky, playful dolphins curiously circling. After an invigorating dive, consider a brief visit to the 'sea gypsy' villages of Ko Lipe. Immerse in local culture, maybe even pick up a culinary trick or two. Back on your yacht, as the chef grills a fresh catch of red snapper or kingfish, reflect on the day’s adventure.

Day Three the butang islands to krabi

Fish and coral underwater

Embark on the third day of your Thailand yacht charter with a serene sail to Krabi. Here, the waters offer unparalleled snorkelling and diving amid the majestic green-capped monolithic rock formations synonymous with the region. Witness the marine life up close in a location that sets the gold standard for Thailand's underwater attractions, or simply take in the awe-inspiring scenery. As you explore Krabi expect a blend of natural beauty and refined luxury. Peppered with world-renowned beaches like Railay and bustling hubs such as Ao Nang. With over 80 offshore islands, including Koh Phi Phi made famous by Leo Di Caprio’s “the beach”, a Thailand yacht charter presents a truly unique yachting experience. Here, relaxation and adventure come in equal measure. Spend long afternoons lounging on velvet beaches or explore the mainland where vibrant markets, exclusive dining spots, and select boutiques await. Whether you're after gourmet meals and white glove service or an evening at a private beach club, Krabi ensures your yacht charter in Thailand delivers at every turn.

Day Four krabi to koh hong

Overlooking beautiful Thai island

This unique island group is best explored by yacht. On arrival in Koh Hong, anchoring and taking to the water via kayak allows visitors to enter a natural hong (room) that houses a stunning lagoon encircled with towering limestone cliffs and an opening to the sky. A setting where a ballet of longtail boats and speedboats skim the water, bringing day-trippers for fleeting visits. Aboard your private yacht, you'll be privy to an extended soiree. Noisy tuk-tuks are replaced by the rhythmic paddle of your kayak weaving through verdant mangroves, and thriving street markets are traded for local delicacies, where fishermen, in time-honoured tradition, serve just-caught seafood straight from their boats. While popular spots like Railay may brim with energy, Koh Hong offers true escapism, far from the usual buzz of Thai hotspots.

Days Five & Six koh hong to koh racha

Crystal clear ocean

Situated just 12 nautical miles south of Phuket, cruise to Koh Racha through a tricolour of bright-white sand, emerald-green water and cobalt-blue sky. Without doubt best experienced from the deck of a private superyacht, the archipelago consists of two main islands: Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi. The former is the larger of the two islands offering pristine beaches and vibrant reefs perfect for snorkelling. While those looking for a deeper dive will find solace on the less inhabited Koh Racha Noi where swimming with manta rays is the norm. While Koh Racha's nightlife is subdued with a select few restaurants and bars, its charm lies in its tranquil atmosphere. With minimal artificial lights, stargazing becomes an evening highlight. Enjoy this spectacle either from a quiet beach or your yacht's deck, cocktail in hand.

Day Seven koh racha to phuket

The iconic phang nga bay rock

On the final day of your Thailand yacht charter, watch from the fore deck of your superyacht as the 'Pearl of the Andaman,' Phuket, majestically comes into view. The perfect finale to an extraordinary adventure, Phuket offers a plethora of experiences to truly immerse oneself in local culture and history. With an array of world-class resorts beckoning and the convenience of an international airport, many opt to prolong their stay after disembarking, fully soaking in this vibrant metropolis. The silhouette of the Big Buddah stands sentinel, a testimony to the island's rich heritage. From the exhilarating bird's eye view on a helicopter tour to the sacred corridors of Wat Chalong Temple, every corner promises discovery. Whether you're living in a Thai postcard aboard a traditional long-tail boat, exploring the timeless allure of Ranong day market, or in the tranquil embrace of the local Elephant Sanctuary, Phuket is a city of contrasts. In a realm where luxury and adventure combine, our luxury yacht charters in Thailand offer an experience that not only meets but transcends expectations. While your charter may conclude, the memories forged here are eternal.

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