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8 days Naples to Sicily

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Experience the romance and luxury of Southern Italy as you embark on an unforgettable cruise from Naples to Sicily. This 8-day private yacht charter itinerary showcases the captivating beauty of the region's iconic coastlines and islands, immersing you in the rich culture and idyllic landscapes that have shaped Italy's timeless allure.

Set sail on your Naples to Sicily journey, a voyage designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. As you cruise the mesmerising waters of the Mediterranean, watch as the scenery unfolds before your eyes: the grandeur of soaring cliffs and the tranquil beauty of remote beaches, painted with the vibrant hues of local flora.

Every day brings a new destination to explore, as your superyacht during your Naples Sicily yacht charter glides effortlessly along the breathtaking shoreline. Discover charming cliffside villages that appear untouched by time, their narrow cobblestone streets inviting you to lose yourself in a maze of historical charm and rustic elegance.

Relish the opportunity to savour authentic Italian cuisine, with stops at quaint local restaurants that serve freshly caught seafood and homemade pasta. Let the rich flavours of the region dance on your palate, paired perfectly with a glass of local wine. As the day turns to evening, chic bars along the coastline beckon you to relax with a cocktail, watching the sunset paint the sky in hues of pink and orange.

Your private yacht charter Sicily experience also provides ample opportunity for indulgence. Browse high-end boutiques nestled within historic town centres, their shelves brimming with luxurious Italian designer goods and artisan crafts. Whether you're seeking the latest fashion trends or unique keepsakes, the shopping experience along your cruise from Naples to Sicily is sure to satisfy your desires.

This Naples to Sicily yacht charter itinerary is more than just a journey—it’s a unique voyage that captures the essence of southern Italy. Embark on an extraordinary exploration of some of Italy's most romantic and iconic destinations, beautifully curated to offer an experience that will leave you longing to return.


  • Beautiful beaches
  • Chic boutiques
  • History and culture
  • Stunning views
  • Vibrant nightlife
  • World class restaurants


Day One naples - ischia

Naples waterfront architecture

Start your Naples-Sicily cruise in Naples and set sail directly to the island of Ischia, renowned for its therapeutic hot springs and volcanic mud. After a day of exploration, savor an exquisite dinner on board and rest at anchor under the starlit sky.

Day Two ischia - galli islands

coastal view

Ischia, steeped in mythology since the 5th Century BC, when the Greeks evacuated due to volcanic activity, provides a rich historical tapestry. Wander around this verdant island, dotted with natural thermal springs, before embarking on your cruise from Naples to Sicily towards the Galli Islands to anchor for the night.

Day Three galli islands - capri

picturesque cove

The Galli Islands, a quaint group just south of mainland Italy's Positano, offer protected anchorages perfect for a refreshing swim and watersports. Your Naples Sicily itinerary then continues to Capri, an island favoured by the discerning Italian elite. Shop in top-tier boutiques, dine in upscale restaurants, and immerse yourself in Capri's dramatic landscapes, such as Tiberius’s Leap and the Blue Grotto.

Day Four capri - maratea

Capri rock

Sail from Capri towards Maratea across the Golfo di Policastro after a morning of shopping. Maratea's craggy coastline and abundant beaches form a stunning contrast. Enjoy a sunset dinner at anchor surrounded by majestic sea cliffs and verdant hillsides.

Day Five maratea - lipari

breathtaking view of the Ocean from above

Devote the day to appreciating the crystal-clear waters around Maratea. Visit the enchanting Grotta di Maratea (Cave of Wonders), discovered in 1929, or simply unwind on deck. Later, experience the unique charm of local villages and picturesque harbour before an overnight trip to Lipari.

Day Six lipari

Ocean level view of the sky and distant land

Spend your time exploring Lipari, the largest island in the archipelago, renowned for its deep caverns, towering cliffs, and captivating scenery. The island is home to friendly locals and enticing views, making it a must-see spot on your private yacht charter in Sicily.

Day Seven lipari - taormina - sicilly

A view of nature through ancient architecture

Start early and navigate through the historic Straits of Messina to the splendid bay and port of Taormina for lunch. Visit the ancient theatre, Saracen castle, and popular beaches. Don't miss out on a trip to Mount Etna, Sicily's fiery crown.

Day Eight aormina - Catania

Stunning, still Ocean from a cliff viewpoint

Embark on an early morning cruise to Catania for a delightful breakfast. Immerse yourself in a shopping spree ashore before preparing for your afternoon departure to the airport. Your unforgettable Naples to Sicily journey comes to a close, leaving you with rich memories and a longing to return.

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