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10 days Fiji Itinerary

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Overflowing with experiences, Fiji is a versatile getaway in paradise, and our Fiji itinerary is designed to showcase the best it offers. Whether you seek world-class diving, jungle trekking, sheer relaxation on the beach or family activities during your Fiji islands itinerary, you will find it here.

Embrace romance, relaxation, and escapism cruising around this lush group of islands. Meet the locals, retaining a strong sense of tradition, learn about their culture, and enjoy time with some of the friendliest people in the world. Your Fiji islands itinerary is bound to create memories that will last a lifetime.

The allure of the transparently clear aquamarine water is ever-present on this Fiji itinerary. From swimming, snorkelling, diving to kayaking and sailing, every drop of adventure awaits. And yes, cooling off under an enchanting waterfall is a must!


  • Beautiful beaches
  • Big game fishing
  • Great surf spots
  • History and culture
  • Stunning views
  • Wildlife
  • Wreck diving


Day One denarau marina to the mamanuca islands

Boats out to sea

Start your Fiji itinerary with a short 1.5-hour cruise southwest to the Mamanuca Islands. Anchor in the lee of Tavarua Island, the heart of Fiji's surfing capital. With iconic surf breaks like ‘Cloud’ and ‘Restaurant’, you’re set for a memorable experience. Even if surfing isn’t your calling, the beauty of these islands alone offers a breathtaking start. Should the weather be uncooperative, a brief one-hour journey will bring you to the Malolo Island lagoon, where you can explore the renowned Muscat Cove Resort and Marina.

Day Two malolo and tavarua islands

A beach underneath the shade of a tree

Your Fiji islands itinerary introduces you to the white sandy beaches of Malolo and Tavarua islands. Here, you have the freedom to surf, swim, snorkel, shop, or simply sightsee. Perhaps you'd fancy a stroll on the sandy shores or a cool dip at the sand bar. The Cloud 9 Platform invites you to sip a cocktail as you admire the iconic Cloud break. And as the sun sets, consider a visit to the local beach bar for a mesmerising view.

Day Three navadra and vanua islands

Fijian man blowing a shell in traditional clothing

Continuing our Fiji itinerary, post breakfast, indulge in a morning swim or catch a wave before setting sail to the picturesque Navadra and Vanua Islands. These gems offer stunning beaches and snorkeling spots. Depending on the tides, paddleboards or kayaks might be your ticket to the shores. The Fijian villagers might also offer you a warm invitation to explore their village and partake in an authentic kava ceremony.

Day Four naviti island

coral underneath the surfance of the crystal clear ocean

Wake up in paradise on this day of your Fiji islands itinerary, either by Navadra Island or in the sheltered waters of Yalobi Bay. After rejuvenating with a morning swim and breakfast, navigate north to Cuvu Bay on Naviti Island. This sanctuary offers a rare chance to swim with manta rays and promises enchanting snorkeling experiences.

Day Five the blue lagoon

A turtle laying on the sand

A gem in our Fiji itinerary, discover the renowned Blue Lagoon, the backdrop of the iconic 1980s film “The Blue Lagoon” starring Brooke Shields. Here, pristine beaches, mesmerising snorkelling spots, and scenic hikes await you. Nearby Sawa-i-lau boasts fascinating underwater caves, a must-visit during your luxury yacht charter.

Day Six yasawa island and champagne beach

The tropical pink flowers of Fiji

After your customary morning routines, relocate north to Yasawa-i-Ra. Its crown jewel, Champagne Beach, beckons. Relish a beach picnic or BBQ organised just for you by the charter crew. As evening descends, immerse yourself in a traditional Fijian dance, the Meke, and perhaps partake in another Kava ceremony.

Days Seven & Eight island hopping


Tailor your Fiji itinerary as you sail south towards Denarau Marina. Revisit cherished spots or uncover new coves like Somosomo Bay or Paradise Cove. Each day is a new opportunity to delve deeper into the Fijian islands' treasures.

Day Nine vomo island

Green Iguana in a tree

Vomo Island, a serene anchor point in your Fiji yacht charter, promises pure relaxation. With no resorts or villages in sight, enjoy a tranquil stroll on the beach. Consider a hike up Mt Vomo for a 360-degree panorama. Whether snorkelling, swimming, or paddleboarding, embrace the serenity that Vomo offers.

Day Ten namotu island

Stunning, empty beach

Wrap up your Fiji itinerary at Namotu Island on the captivating Roro Reef. Renowned for surfing, diving, and more, let the day's catch be your gourmet treat as you unwind in the exquisite anchorage this island affords.

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