Sales Guide

When you wish to sell your yacht, we will act as your Central Agent (CA) to achieve a timely sale at the best price. Our central sales agency program combines both new and traditional methods for marketing your yacht to the right audience. We will actively promote your yacht to our global group’s direct clients and contacts, as well as to an extensive network of international yacht brokers and agents. It is a common misunderstanding that a Central Agent is an exclusive agent who will only market a yacht to his direct clients. Not so at Ocean Independence. Our company policy is to directly market your yacht to our own clients as well as the open market, but we also strongly encourage the network of international yacht brokers to cooperate with us to achieve the right sale. We understand that each yacht’s marketing plans must be individually tailored to showcase the vessel’s best features. By managing all aspects of a yacht’s promotion, we ensure both quality and consistency in the marketing of such a valuable asset. Ocean Independence will carefully position your yacht for maximum exposure in the appropriate markets in the effort to procure a timely sale. Our Central Agency brokers will be available at any time for you, your buyers and their agents. They, in turn, can rely on the diverse experience and coherent co-operation across the entire Ocean Independence group. There is no better choice than Ocean Independence to sell your yacht, as our sales record proves.


Dominican Republic: Waterfalls & Seafood Shacks

Bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by the Caribbean Sea the second-largest island in the Caribbean has plenty to offer visiting yachts.

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Buyers Guide

With comprehensive industry experience and detailed knowledge of all aspects within the luxury yachting market, Buyers can reassuringly put every trust in Ocean Independence.

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Corfu - Captivating & Cultural

An island immersed in Greek mythology, featuring in the mythical sea adventure Homer's Odyssey, and in real history, ravaged by a string of fearsome battles and violent conquests, Corfu today is as

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