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If you want to explore the world, seek out adventure, experience the ultimate luxury and have the world spin on your axis, owning your own yacht is the definitive lifestyle choice. While there is significant emotional and financial outlay in the journey towards yacht purchase, in the end, owning a superyacht is an incomparable triumph. During this often-complex process, direction, experience and a degree of intuition will guide you to a successful conclusion. Ocean Independence will advise, inform and reassure you throughout, allowing you to be as involved or distant from the detail as you wish to guarantee you an efficient and effective purchase. Consider the wealth of opportunities that yacht ownership brings: access to the world’s most exclusive spots in complete privacy, the finest lifestyle design and precision engineering to ensure comfortable passage to unlimited horizons. Your own crew who can preempt your needs and ensure your personal preferences are always their number one priority. A home from home. Adventure between coasts and islands, dropping anchor in azure waters by pristine beaches where the breeze carries the scent of vineyards and lavender fields while you enjoy lingering lunches onboard. Explore hidden caves and dive among marine life, teaching your children to swim from the aft deck. Throw whimsical parties and celebrate family events, from your own wedding to your parents’ diamond wedding. Get a trackside view of the Grand Prix or simply follow the sun. Your yacht will fulfill your desire for unparalleled travel and access. Allow Ocean Independence to support you on the journey that lies ahead.

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Operating the largest luxury fleet available for charter in the world today, Ocean Independence offers huge diversity.

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A yacht is a significant investment: whatever the size, yachts are valuable assets and require careful management: from rigorous financial management to employing a trusted crew and running a well-

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