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30m -40m (98' – 131') Luxury Yachts For Sale

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Why 30 - 40 metre yachts are the most popular size category


30-40m superyachts strike a balance in size that appeals especially to families and small groups. They require fewer crew members, usually five to six, allowing for a more personal and high-quality service experience while maintaining privacy. This size range is also more economical to operate, with lower fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and berthing fees than larger yachts. They comfortably accommodate eight to ten guests, providing both communal and private spaces, making them an ideal choice for those who value intimate, yet social settings.


Providing a broad spectrum of designs due to intense competition among builders, this size bracket offers everything from mini explorers to fast open yachts tailored for thrill-seekers, along with a variety of hull types like planing, semi-displacement, and displacement. Each hull type caters to different preferences: planing hulls are best for speed, displacement hulls enhance comfort and range, and semi-displacement offers a balance of both. Additionally, this size is prevalent among sailing yachts, ideal for those looking to join the sailing community or participate in regattas.


Most 30-40 metre yachts for sale are production or semi-custom builds, though full-custom options are still available. This allows for considerable personalisation, especially in the interior design, making it easier to tailor a yacht to personal tastes. The market is rich with esteemed builders, offering a variety of choices. Notable shipyards producing yachts in this bracket include Azimut, Benetti, Ferretti, Gulf Craft, Heesen, Mangusta, Perini Navi, Sanlorenzo, Sunseeker, and Baltic, each known for their distinct style and quality craftsmanship.


Like their smaller counterparts, 30-40m superyachts can access most anchorages and cruising grounds, making them ideal for exploring diverse coastlines and docking in scenic marinas. Their size allows them to navigate shallower waters, such as in the Exumas, or cosy Mediterranean marinas with fewer restrictions than larger yachts which often have to cruise and anchor further offshore.

Case in point are the anchoring regulations and buoy camps used in key areas around the South of France and Corsica. Used to minimise the damage caused to Posidonia seagrass when anchoring they primarily cater to 24-40 metre yachts. Thus, vessels above 40 metres have to anchor further offshore and seek authorisation, resulting in limited access to some of the most scenic destinations in the Mediterranean.


30-40 metre yachts for sale deliver uncompromised luxury and comfort. Typically featuring four to five cabins, they offer ample space and privacy for 8 to 10 guests. Interior designs vary by style but generally include well-appointed, inviting living areas and generous outdoor spaces. Many yachts in this size also come with added luxuries such as Jacuzzis, enhancing the onboard experience. This size range achieves functional living with elegant aesthetics, and a deeper connection to the sea than many larger yachts, making this size bracket a preferred choice for those seeking a blend of comfort and luxury at sea.

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30m -40m (98' – 131') Used Yachts For Sale