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Explorer Yachts for Sale

Purpose-built for world-cruising and comfortably travelling long distances through rough seas, explorer yachts are an adventurer’s ideal vessel.

With huge fuel tanks, low fuel consumption, and ample volume for storage of tenders, toys, provisions, and adventure equipment, explorer yachts are designed to cruise to some of the world’s most remote locations in the lap of luxury. For those that wish to avoid tourist hotspots and discover the secluded beauty of the world’s most far-reaching destinations, they are simply the perfect expedition yacht.



The exact features defining an explorer yacht for sale will differ depending on its intended use. Whilst some are designed to comfortably cruise anywhere on Earth, some explorer yachts are designed with a specific purpose in mind. From cruising through the icy waters of Antarctica to discovering the uninhabited islands of French Polynesia, there are some features that all explorer yachts for sale have in common.

1 Seaworthiness

From rough seas and high winds to ice fields and extreme heat, explorer yachts are designed to keep guests comfortable through the most severe weather conditions. Their robust hull (usually full displacement to cut through the water) puts explorer yachts in a better position to cruise through what can sometimes be considered treacherous waters, all whilst limiting the roll of the boat to ensure maximum comfort and safety for guests on board.

2 Designed For Distance

Explorer yachts are not your average superyacht. With superior navigation autonomy, and generous fuel tank capacity, long range expedition yachts can generally travel 5,000 nautical miles or more before needing to dock for fuel - that’s the equivalent of 9,260 km or the distance between Los Angeles and Tokyo!

These yachts are also made with durable, hard-wearing materials to limit the wear and tear you would expect from harsh weather conditions. As a result, explorer yachts can require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they can withstand the longer voyages.

Northern Sun

3 Ample Internal Space

Needing to carry enough equipment and supplies for extended periods of cruising, explorer yachts are built with generous internal storage space for guests and crew. This often includes spare parts and provisions for the journey, alongside basic maintenance, and travel supplies.

Living accommodation will also be finished to the highest superyacht standards. Designed with the occupant’s experience as the focus, expect expansive rooms and decks, incredible views, and all the amenities you’ll desire, from Jacuzzis and saunas to state-of-the-art gyms and cinemas.

Many expedition yachts will also have storage space for a personal submarine and/or helicopter, offering those on board the opportunity to explore the remote destinations they visit from every angle.

4 Sufficient Speed

Whilst the average cruising speed of an explorer yacht sits at around 10 knots, you also need to know that these yachts can move faster if needed to avoid a storm or make up time in a tight itinerary. Modern explorer yachts are now pushing the boundaries of what’s previously been possible in the realm of speed, allowing some to reach around 14 knots when needed thanks to fast displacement hull designs and higher horsepower.

5 Steel Hull

Strength, stability, and sturdiness are all critical features of a modern explorer yacht. With a steel hull, these yachts can withstand rough waters as well as the impact of additional debris that may be encountered whilst cruising. They are also easier to repair should they be damaged, as remote ports may not have access to industry-leading yacht service and repair facilities.

Top 4 Explorer yachts for sale

If it’s adventure, luxury, and exploration in the utmost comfort that you seek, then look no further. An expedition yacht offers all the decadence, relaxation and indulgence you expect from a superyacht, combined with high performance, stability, and stamina for once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Ready to take the plunge? Here is a selection of some of the top explorer yachts for sale currently on the market at Ocean Independence:

1 Northern Sun 51m - Narasaki Zosen

A majestic explorer yacht with uncompromising go-anywhere ability, NORTHERN SUN is the perfect vessel to explore the remote corners of the world. Take her cruising around Australia and the Whitsundays, or discover the many hidden treasures of South East Asia. Her oriental design influences, robust structure and long-distance cruising make this Narasaki yacht a true gem of the yachting world.

Asking price: USD 15,000,000
northern sun

2 Hawk Ranger 68 68m - Hawk Yachts

Robust and ocean-ready, HAWK RANGER is a 68-metre explorer yacht built with function and practicality in mind. Her 6,800 mile range gives you the freedom to explore the most remote locations, and accommodates 14 guests over a spacious 5 decks. HAWK RANGER 68 will safely and comfortably allow you and your guests to visit any location, no matter the conditions.

Hawk Ranger


Due for delivery in 2024, the DARNET 38M MODERN EXPLORER yacht for sale combines sleek aesthetics with uncompromising stability and strength. Designed by renowned naval architect Joubert & Nivelt and designer Franck Darnet, she features light filled interiors, smooth cruising, and accommodation for eight guests across four staterooms. Packing in all the latest technology and equipment into an incredibly stable hull design, she makes the perfect family explorer yacht.

DARNET 38M modern explorer yacht rendering

4 Adytum 34m - Hakvoort

Truly a work of art, this award-winning explorer yacht from Royal Hakvoort boasts a 5,000-nautical-mile range, guaranteeing global reach without sacrificing comfort. Timeless Ken Freivokh interiors deliver an elegant and light filled living space, featuring a master stateroom with a dedicated study for uninterrupted remote work. Thoughtfully planned crew routing maximises service efficiency, while her Dutch build quality and ample storage space meets all expeditionary needs.

Asking price: EUR 6,900,000

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