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Buying your own berth

When it comes to yacht berths there are two main considerations. The facilities the mooring offers are a priority. From leisure facilities, proximity to stunning cruising grounds and the best restaurants, to parking, electricity, fuel, and water, some moorings come with all of the above, and some are simply a space to keep your yacht. So, finding the right berth for sale to suit your needs is crucial.

The second, but arguably the most important factor to consider is the cost of the mooring your yacht will spend most of its time in. Otherwise known as a home berth, the price of the long-term leasehold is the main concern here. With many large yachts due for delivery, and moorings in short supply throughout the peak season, finding top-quality home, and visitor berths for sale at the right price is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

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Escape the stress and expense of mooring by buying your own berth

This is where we come in. Before you make your purchase, we can advise you on the most suitable location, assess the offer and make you aware of any extra charges that might be levied by marina managers, as well as verify any tax implications.

We are able to source yacht berths at the most exclusive international marinas, all of which offer top class services and facilities. With our knowledge, experience, extensive network of contacts and wide range of marina berths for sale, we can help you make the best choice and get the best deal when purchasing a permanent mooring.

View all berths for sale
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