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Buying a Yacht - Unlock the pinnacle of luxury asset ownership with superyacht finance Yacht Finance Services

Tailored Yacht Purchase Solutions

Responding to a need for personalised finance solutions, Ocean Independence now offers a bespoke yacht finance service to buyers. With more years of combined marine experience than any other brokerage company, our yacht sales team and designated finance specialists will work with you to source the best possible finance arrangement for the purchase of your next yacht, based on your individual requirements. We offer support throughout the entire purchase process, using bespoke superyacht finance solutions to help you to achieve a smooth and successful closing of the transaction.

The Benefits of Yacht Finance Reduced Capital Outlay

As a high value luxury asset, understanding the financial intricacies associated with superyacht ownership is paramount. A prudent financial strategy, especially one that involves the intelligent use of yacht finance, is critical to maintaining the liquidity necessary for diverse investment portfolios. 

Ocean Independence offers tailored yacht finance services that mitigate the significant capital outlay associated with the purchase of a luxury asset, ensuring that equity is left free for other ventures and investments.

By deferring the full purchase price through structured payments, clients can leverage their capital more effectively across their broader financial interests. This prudent allocation can result in retained earning potential on the capital that would otherwise be locked into a depreciating asset.

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The Benefits of Yacht Finance Bespoke Solutions for Ultimate Enjoyment

Our bespoke finance services are tailored to complement personal financial circumstances without compromising the enjoyment or operational flexibility of your superyacht. We ensure every finance solution is aligned with our clients' existing financial commitments and future aspirations. Whether the focus is on securing competitive interest rates or structuring the finance to coordinate with complex wealth management strategies, our Team has the expertise to deliver.

Ensuring that your purchase is not a liability but a strategic addition to your assets, our superyacht finance services are designed with foresight and managed with professional acumen. The luxury of owning a superyacht is matched by the luxury of financial agility, something we hold paramount in our relationship with you.

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Why Ocean Independence? Bespoke Yacht Finance

A One-Stop Solution

Using Ocean Independence as a single point of contact for both your yacht purchase and finance means less hassle, an expedited purchase process and ongoing support from start to finish.

Totally Tailored Finance

We source superyacht finance from a diverse pool of lenders – both traditional and bespoke – ensuring that we find the best fit to match your yacht and financial requirements. 

A Wealth of Experience

In addition to the industry experience of your yacht broker, our specialists have extensive experience in yacht finance and will negotiate to get you the best possible rate.

Shared Success

At Ocean Independence, our success depends on your happiness. In most cases, our fee is only charged once we have found a suitable financing arrangement.

How does superyacht finance work?


Financing a superyacht follows familiar borrowing fundamentals to conventional loans. The lender will provide you with an approved sum, which enables you to acquire the yacht. In return, you’ll commit to repaying this amount plus interest over an established timeframe. This financial arrangement is particularly common among buyers of brokerage yachts.


When commissioning the construction of a new-build project, some added layers of complexity are introduced to a superyacht finance plan . In such arrangements, financing is typically structured to align with key construction milestones. Your lender will sequentially release funds directly to the shipyard post verification of each completed stage by a certified surveyor.

Ensuring financial security throughout the build process against any shipyard insolvency or legal disputes is commonly managed through carefully crafted contractual safeguards, mitigating risks to your investment.

As an owner, you’ll engage in a repayment plan structured over a specified period, factoring in both the capital and interest. This ensures long-term financial planning aligns with your wealth management strategy, all while building your dream yacht.


Securing superyacht finance often entails more than just pledging the vessel itself as collateral. As the market for such high-value assets evolves, lenders typically seek additional assurances. The reality is that financing options using only the yacht as collateral tend to be more applicable to smaller boats rather than multimillion-dollar luxury yachts.

In exchange for superyacht financing, lenders usually expect to engage in a broader financial relationship, overseeing certain personal and business assets. The specifics of this relationship – what assets come under management and the nature of the oversight – will largely be influenced by your financial standing, history, and net worth. It is commonplace for finance agreements to entitle the lender to recoup any missed payments from both your business operations and personal holdings should repayments lapse. This underscores the lender’s focus on your initial capacity to afford the yacht: without a solid commitment and the financial backing to secure the loan, procuring such financing may prove challenging.

The loan-to-value ratios in superyacht financing are not standardised and can fluctuate based on the lender’s policies; however, they typically cap at about 50%. Your asset profile’s liquidity and diversification can impact this ratio, with more favourable terms potentially available to those who present a robust financial foundation.

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Need help or advice?

The yachting journey can be complex with many decisions to be made. Get in touch with Ocean Independence, and one of our specialist consultants will help you make the right choices.

As a truly global company with 14 offices worldwide, we’re available 24/7 to help with any enquiries.

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