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Yacht Charters in the Caribbean


Caribbean Cruising Destination Map

Why should I choose a private Caribbean Yacht Charter?

Charter a yacht in the Caribbean and explore a continuous arc of islands from the Bahamas down to the Leeward Islands, the Windward Islands, and beyond. Stop at must-visit cosmopolitan destinations like St. Kitts and St. Barts or spend an intimate day at anchor amongst the pristine Virgin Islands. Whether it's basking in the sun on Barbados' pink-sand beaches, grooving to infectious reggae rhythms in Jamaica, or marvelling at Martinique's awe-inspiring volcanic landscapes, when it comes to luxury yacht charters, the Caribbean stands above the rest.

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Caribbean Yacht Charter


Immerse yourself in a world where rum, laughter, and sun-kissed bliss reign supreme. Where distilleries are hidden in sugarcane fields, hammocks sway gently between majestic palm trees, coconuts dry on sun-drenched sands, and cocktails come with a hint of spice.

With more islands than you can visit in a lifetime, here we unveil our favourite cruising grounds and destinations for a yacht charter in the Caribbean.


the bahamas

Translucent turquoise sea, glassy and sparkling, bountiful in vigour and in colour, 700 islands lined with pink sands as picturesque as the postcards profess, the Bahamas is truly a yachting paradise and a Caribbean yacht charter hotspot.  

Start your journey in Nassau, a gateway to the surrounding islands, home to some of the best snorkelling and diving sites on the planet including the Andros Barrier Reef and French bay wall on San Salvador island.

Escape to a world of strong cultural flavour on Eleuthera with its Georgian architecture, and Harbour Island's pastel houses, or discover vibrant entertainment on northernmost Grand Bahama.

Sail the Exuma Sound for perfect conditions and explore eco-friendly private islands. A dream for water and beach activities, with pristine reefs, world-class sportfishing, and sandy beaches for every taste, the Bahamas beckon.

"Bahamas, New Providence"


Steeped in colonial history and infused with a vibrant, rich culture, this enchanting island is the quintessential Caribbean superyacht destination. From the glamorous St. James in the west, to the untamed beauty of the east, Barbados presents a tapestry of sapphire seas, chic resorts, and sun-drenched shores, perfect for first-time visitors to the Caribbean Islands.

Embracing its heritage with grace, Barbados offers much more than scenic beauty, showcasing its African, English, and West Indian influences in traditions, values, and cuisine. 

Explore the UNESCO-listed streets of Bridgetown, swim with turtles, and try rum tasting at the world’s oldest distillery. Delight in the taste of the West Indies as you savour local delicacies, such as the iconic flying fish sandwich, explore the endless roadside rum shacks, or lose yourself in the beauty of Andromeda Botanic Gardens. Barbados truly ticks all the boxes as the perfect Caribbean luxury yacht rental destination.



Scattered across the northern Caribbean and discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the British Virgin Islands have beckoned seafarers throughout the ages. Today, the BVIs exude a laid-back elegance, boasting awe-inspiring coral reefs, secluded coves, and islets you won't want to leave.

With gentle trade winds providing favourable cruising conditions, anchor amidst the myriad shades of blue and green waters for a day of onboard bliss. Or, step ashore where national parks and a wealth of history await. From abandoned copper mines and forts to burial sites, and 17th century sugar plantations, every corner reveals a fascinating story.

A visit to Virgin Gorda is a must on any BVI charter itinerary, with its quaint villages dotted along the coastline, fringed by the renowned National Park and its legendary Baths. Enveloped in captivating pirate tales and unspoiled landscapes, the British Virgin Islands offer civilised living and true escapism on a Caribbean holiday.

"British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda"


Discover the exquisite allure of the Cayman Islands, a lesser known destination for private yacht charters in the Caribbean. With Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman as your playground, immerse yourself in a realm of opulence and natural splendour. 

Picture clear turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, and secluded anchorages, inviting you to unwind amidst this idyllic paradise. Indulge in the blissful serenity of Seven Mile Beach or embark on a mesmerising encounter with stingrays at Stingray City. 

Beyond the better known destinations, embrace the untouched beauty of Little Cayman and its hidden gems. Dive on huge coral reefs, encounter iguanas, and explore the magical Cayman Crystal Caves. Nestled in a tropical setting best explored by boat, these charming islands remain a coveted Caribbean escape.

"Stingray City, Cayman Islands"


The Greater Antilles are made for the explorers. Walk down Cuba’s cobbled streets or explore Jamaica’s little fishing villages and ancient monasteries. Spot humpback whales from the deck of your private crewed boat and discover the vibrant cultures and colourful food markets unique to each island.

The Greater Antilles is a tropical paradise that draws travellers from both sides of the Atlantic. This exquisite cluster of islands, easily accessible from the US and Europe, has risen to prominence as a premier Caribbean superyacht charter destination.


With its undeniable allure, Cuba beckons with its rich tapestry of culture and warm-hearted hospitality. Bask on unspoiled beaches, immerse yourself in Havana’s energetic nightlife, and savour the flavours that define this captivating island.


Venture further into this dazzling archipelago, and you'll discover the irresistible allure of Jamaica. Beyond its idyllic coastlines, this island gem pulses with a vibrant rhythm that resonates through its soul-stirring music, tantalising cuisine, and natural wonders. Explore cascading waterfalls, lose yourself in lush rainforests, and surrender to the pristine beaches that await at every turn.


Continue your odyssey to the majestic Hispaniola, where the Dominican Republic's exuberant celebrations harmonise with Haiti's picture postcard Caribbean shores. Embark on an adventure of a lifetime during your Caribbean yacht rental as you traverse lush mountain ranges, and kaleidoscopic waters, all from the comfort of your luxury yacht.


Puerto Rico offers an abundance of experiences to delight all who visit. From big wave surfing to immersive rainforest tours, this verdant island unveils its secrets with every step. Unearth the captivating history of Old San Juan, the venerable cradle of European settlement in the Americas, on a Caribbean motor yacht charter.

"Jamaica, Greater Antilles"

leeward islands

An ever-popular superyacht charter destination, the Leeward Islands effortlessly blend an irresistible French Riviera ambiance against a backdrop of tropical beauty. St. Barths exudes modern sophistication, while Antigua showcases old-world charm through its historic forts and plantations.

Picture yourself amidst a dazzling New Year's celebration beneath a sky ablaze with fireworks, soaking in the glamour of St. Maarten. Immerse yourself in the embrace of the Virgin Islands, where verdant hillsides and remnants of colonial history await your exploration. Thrill seekers can try their hand at marlin fishing off the coast of Guadeloupe or experience the adrenaline rush of ziplining through untamed jungles. Charter a yacht in the Leeward Islands and you won't want to leave.

"Leeward Islands"

trinidad & tobago

If you're seeking a destination worth celebrating, look no further than Trinidad & Tobago. Nestled in the southern Caribbean, these vibrant sister islands birthed the enchanting sounds of calypso and soca and are considered one of the best Caribbean yacht charter locations, providing a truly unique and fun-filled experience.

With diverse cultural influences from Africa, India, China, and France, Trinidad & Tobago boast a cultural depth found nowhere else in the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in the unmissable Trinidad Carnival, a vibrant feast of music and dance held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. With pulsating rhythms, breathtaking costumes, and an electric atmosphere, it's an experience not to be missed.

"Trinidad & Tobago"


Once a haven for pirates, the Turks and Caicos Islands now offer a wealth of natural wonders for Caribbean yacht charters. From wild horses and flamingos to the world's third largest coral reef, and the largest above water caves in the Caribbean, the Turks & Caicos Islands seamlessly blend indulgence and adventure, creating an opulent experience for crewed Caribbean superyacht charters.

With its tastefully developed private resorts, Turks and Caicos have become the epitome of luxury for those in the know. Provo, the modern capital, offers golf courses and top-class restaurants, while the endless beaches and whale populations make for captivating exploration by yacht.

"Turks & Caicos"


Embarking on a Caribbean luxury yacht hire to the US Virgin Islands allows you to awaken to a different port or anchorage with each sunrise, embracing the anticipation of unearthing the hidden treasures that lie within its pristine landscapes.

St. Thomas, rumoured to be the birthplace of the banana daiquiri, entices with its vibrant energy, duty-free shopping, and the pulsating city of Charlotte Amalie. On St. Croix, pearl-white beaches, rich cultural heritage, and captivating snorkelling hotspots await your discovery. Meanwhile, St. John, predominantly a preserved national park, invites you to revel in its untouched beauty.

Whether you prefer lounging on the scenic shores of Magens Bay, escaping the crowds at Coki or Morningstar beaches, exploring the historic capital of Charlotte Amalie - home to the second-oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere - or snorkelling among shoals of tropical parrot and butterfly fish, the US Virgin Islands promise delightful entertainment for the entire family on a Caribbean yacht charter. 

"US Virgin Islands"


Unwind and let time slow down on your Windward Islands superyacht charter. Explore secluded beaches, immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, and indulge in those cherished afternoons spent sunbathing with a refreshing cocktail in hand.

The larger islands of St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines captivate with their volcanic terrain, dense forests, and magnificent peaks, perfect for exhilarating hikes and onshore adventures. Traverse the picturesque Grenadines, with their melodically named havens. Discover the joy of dropping anchor off the serene paradise of Bequia, dancing the night away in Mustique's glittering beach bars, or relishing the captivating beauty of St Lucia's iconic Pitons.

The Windward Islands have long been an insider's secret among Caribbean luxury yacht charters, boasting a treasure trove of activities and entertainment. From ancient plantations and rum distilleries to untouched mangroves and wild forests, these islands hold rich history and untamed wilderness waiting to be explored. Pamper yourself at the lavish resorts of Mustique and St Lucia, where polished luxury merges seamlessly with natural splendour.

"St Lucia, Windward Islands"

Should I charter a motor boat or a sailing yacht in the Caribbean?

Dreaming of an opulent Caribbean yacht charter, yet torn between the allure of a motor boat and the romance of a sailing yacht? Each offers distinctive thrills tailored to personal tastes and requirements.

Our Charter Consultants stand ready to guide you to your perfect Caribbean superyacht charter, tailoring your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

"Motor or Sailing Yacht"

motor yachts

What are the benefits of renting a private motor yacht in the Caribbean? 

  • Caribbean island hopping: A motor yacht enables you to explore the vast stretches of the Caribbean with ease. Owing to their potent engines, they surpass sailing yachts in distance coverage, ensuring a swift and effective yacht charter Caribbean experience.
  • Accommodate larger parties: For those embarking on this adventure with family or friends, a motor yacht offers the ideal combination of comfort and spaciousness. Boasting voluminous interiors and lavishly furnished staterooms, a motor yacht is a perfect sanctuary to unwind and relax while on the move.
  • Supreme comfort: Motor yachts feature stabilisers that mitigate the effects of rolling and pitching, making them a suitable choice for a smoother ride than sailing yachts. This feature positions them as a perfect choice for yachting novices or those preferring a more laid-back holiday.
  • Flexible interiors: With an expansive array of amenities and watertoys, motor yachts offer endless opportunities for amusement and relaxation. The blend of luxury finishes, and cutting-edge entertainment systems ensures that a motor yacht charter in the Caribbean epitomises luxury and refinement.
  • Perfect for the Caribbean: Motor yachts seamlessly blend into the Caribbean's diverse environments. Their capability to swiftly reach numerous destinations in limited time lets you experience the Caribbean’s premier superyacht spots in style.

Motor Yachts for Charter in the Caribbean


SAILING yachts

What are the benefits of renting a private sailing yacht in the Caribbean? 

  • Unforgettable Caribbean experience: Caribbean yacht charter holidays aboard a sailing yacht blend luxury, adventure, and the innate pleasure of sailing in the Caribbean Sea. Revel in the sensation of warm tropical breezes and the salt sea spray on your skin as you glide through the turquoise waves.
  • Tranquil atmosphere: Sailing yachts create an exceptionally serene environment. With no engine noise like motor yachts, you can truly unwind, soak in the Caribbean ambiance, and savour the rhythmic lullaby of the ocean. Aboard a luxury sailing boat, a yacht charter in the Caribbean becomes a haven for relaxation and ultimate escapism.
  • Distinctive elegance: The arresting elegance and purity of a sailing yacht are magnetic. The Caribbean’s vibrant sunsets reflected on the sleek exterior lines and unique architecture of a sailing yacht simply amplifies the romance and allure of the sailing experience.
  • Harmonious balance: Sailing yachts strike a harmonious balance between interior space and sailing performance. While they may have more compact interiors than motor yachts, their design is smartly optimised for comfort. Many modern sailing yachts in the Caribbean boast luxury interiors, plush seating areas, and refined finishes that rival the sophistication of their motorised peers.
  • Fuel efficiency: Harnessing the power of the wind, sailing yachts are considerably more fuel-efficient than motorboats. Enjoy extended Caribbean cruising - albeit at a slower pace - hopping between islands without worrying about exorbitant fuel costs.
  • Sustainability: Using less fuel, sailing yachts significantly reduce carbon emissions, making your Caribbean yacht charter not just an indulgent holiday but also an eco-friendly adventure. Charter a sailing yacht in the Caribbean, and join the growing trend of sustainable tourism.

Sailing Yachts for Charter in the Caribbean

Types of Yachts

From the sheer opulence of the world’s largest motor yachts to the timeless appeal of traditional sailing yachts, your dream holiday comes to life on board a superyacht charter. Fancy the agility of a flybridge yacht or the spacious decks of a catamaran? Whatever your preference, a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean caters to all tastes. 

What are the different types of yacht rentals in the Caribbean? 


Inspirational Itineraries for a Caribbean Yacht Charter

If you are looking for some itinerary inspiration, look no further than our Caribbean itinerary guides. Whether it's the glamour of St Lucia or the solitude of the BVIs, our specialist Charter Consultants know a thing or two about curating the perfect Caribbean itinerary. Here are just a few of our favourite Caribbean yachting Itineraries to show you what is possible.

What are the cruising conditions like in the Caribbean?

Cruising conditions in the Caribbean are exceptional, particularly from January to April. This period offers a yachting experience highlighted by gentle trade winds, consistent sunshine, and calm waters. While some rain showers can be expected, the months of November and December also offer favourable sailing conditions. However, the least preferable time for cruising in the Caribbean tends to be August to September due to unpredictable weather conditions and the possibility of hurricanes.


When is the best time to visit the Caribbean? 

A luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean is best enjoyed from December to April. During these months, trade the northern hemisphere's winter chill for turquoise waters and palm-fringed shores.

The season kicks off with high-flying gastronomic events in November, with St Barth’s Gourmet Festival and the BVI Food Fete. Followed closely by exceptional Christmas and New Year celebrations, the Caribbean truly is the ultimate winter escape.

For perfect sailing conditions, January to April presents an idyllic setting with ambient temperatures around 26°C, minimal rain, and fewer crowds. For those with a penchant for sailing, the slightly brisker breezes during these months serve as an added allure.

Shoulder seasons

The Caribbean’s so-called shoulder seasons run from April to July. While there is the possibility for tropical showers, pleasant air temperatures and fewer tourists make this time of year a great time to explore the Caribbean’s stunning shores and indulge in water activities at your leisure.

Something of a tropical paradise, with warm temperatures year-round and a refreshing rainy season stretching from June to November, escape to the Caribbean any time of year to soak up the sun and visit the waterfalls and natural hot springs that are dotted all over the Islands.


What is the water temperature in the Caribbean? 

As the source of the Gulf stream the Caribbean Sea is known for its temperate, and remarkably clear waters, making it a perfect destination for year-round yachting. Ideal for enjoying swimming, snorkelling, and diving, the sea temperature is remarkably stable ranging by just 4°C from winter lows of 27.1°C (80.8°F), to summer highs of 31.3°C (88.3°F). The warmest waters are found in the southern islands, such as Aruba, Antigua, and Barbados.


What is the air temperature in the Caribbean? 

With air temperatures consistently in the high 20s ranging between 24°C and 29°C (75°F to 85°F) throughout the year, this sun-soaked oasis offers an idyllic retreat year round. The Caribbean's unique location between 10 and 20 degrees North of the equator ensures a delightful tropical climate, characterised by distinct wet and dry seasons. While the dry season boasts calm seas and sun-drenched days, the wet season brings occasional showers and a higher chance of hurricanes.


What is the wind like in the caribbean for sailing? 

Charter a private yacht in the Caribbean’s dry season and you’ll know with relative certainty that the trade winds will provide you with steady breezes and calm, glassy seas. These trade winds - so called due to the trade ships they carried to the Caribbean centuries ago - blow from the east as a result of the earth’s rotation and subsequent Coriolis Effect, making the Caribbean one of the most predictable sailing destinations in the world.

Ideal for sailors, brisker breezes come in December and January (the Christmas Winds), and tend to be less stable in the summer months, when there is a higher chance of hurricanes. But no matter what time of year you choose to sail, you can be sure of enjoying the Caribbean's warm waters and stunning scenery on a private crewed yacht rental.

Getting to your luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean 

Your journey to a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean begins with Ocean Independence. Whether you’re embarking from Florida with a mere 3-hour flight or travelling from Europe with flight times around 9 hours, Ocean Independence will make every moment a seamless experience. Connect through international hubs like bustling Nassau in the Bahamas or Barbados which has daily connecting flights to most islands in the Leeward and Windward islands. From major Caribbean international hubs, it's just a short seaplane hop to more remote destinations. 

The Ease Of Private Jet Travel To Your Luxury Caribbean Yacht Charter

Exemplify grandeur and grace as you embark on your journey to a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean. Partnering with Ocean Independence, chartering a private jet has never been easier. Touch down at some of the Caribbean's most exclusive private jet airports, replete with VIP services and state-of-the-art facilities. From private terminals to helicopter transfers, experience a seamless fusion of sky and sea, setting the tone for your exquisite yachting adventure. To aid your travel planning, below is a list of the most popular private jet airports in the Caribbean.

  • Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  • Princess Juliana International Airport (St. Maarten)
  • Cyril E. King Airport (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)
  • Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  • Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands)
  • Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (Beef Island, British Virgin Islands)
  • Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (Anguilla)
  • V. C. Bird International Airport (Antigua & Barbuda)
    • Gustaf III Airport (St. Barts)
    • Grantley Adams International Airport (Barbados)
    • Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport (St. Kitts)
    • Lynden Pindling International Airport (Nassau)
    Private jet airport

    What are the best commercial airlines for travelling to the Caribbean? 

    With a wide range of major airlines flying from America, Europe and the rest of the world's international travel hubs, choose between first-class extravagance, sophisticated business class, or even an affordable economy option. Unwind and let these airlines gracefully carry you to your Caribbean yacht rental, setting the tone for an unforgettable vacation.

    Flying from America:
    • American Airlines; Delta; Jet Blue
    Rest of the world:
    • British Airways
    • Virgin Airlines
    • SWISS 
    • Air France
    • Lufthansa
    • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    • Qatar Airways
    • Emirates
    Island Hopping (Seaplanes):
    Commercial airlines

    What are the best marinas in the Caribbean? 

    When it comes to planning your luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean, selecting the perfect marinas for your itinerary is paramount. Not only serving as a secure haven for your superyacht, they also open up a world of breath-taking destinations to explore.

    From docking at the prestigious Christophe Harbour in St. Kitts where A-listers gather to relish the island's lavish charm, to the vibrant ambiance and Caribbean flair of Rodney Bay Marina in St. Lucia, the Caribbean boasts a collection of exclusive marinas that cater to the discerning needs of luxury yacht charterers.

    "Caribbean Marina"

    Bahamas – Hurricane Hole

    Situated on the palm-fringed shores of Paradise Island, Hurricane Hole Marina provides effortless access to the finest Bahamian beaches, waters, and vivacious nightlife. Able to accommodate superyachts up to 126 metres (420 feet), this sanctuary of luxury boasts deep-water slips and unparalleled facilities — 24-hour security, on-site laundry, and a concierge service. For those seeking to explore the Caribbean's charms, Hurricane Hole Marina serves as an exceptional starting point, merging luxury and a prime location with the stunning natural beauty of the Bahamas.

    St. Thomas – Yacht Haven Grande

    Nestled in the heart of Charlotte Amalie Harbor, Yacht Haven Grande stands as the premier superyacht hub of the US Virgin Islands. More than just a place to dock; Yacht Haven Grande presents world-class amenities, ranging from the full-service marina to exquisite dining options, sophisticated retail outlets, and an exclusive beach club. Here, service goes beyond the ordinary, and a dedicated team ensures every detail, from yacht provisioning to organising enticing shore excursions, is taken care of. When considering your Caribbean charter journey, Yacht Haven Grande is a worthy consideration.

    St. Maarten – Isle De Sol

    St. Maarten's Isle De Sol marina beckons those in pursuit of serene nautical retreats. This highly regarded haven offers secure berthing in the peaceful Simpson Bay Lagoon, accommodating yachts up to 97 metres. Guests enjoy a rich selection of amenities including sophisticated dining options, a modern fitness centre, well-equipped crew lounge, and a relaxing swimming pool. Tucked away amidst lush greenery, privacy is paramount, yet you're in close proximity to iconic attractions like Maho Beach.

    St. Kitts – Christophe Harbour

    At the heart of the Eastern Caribbean, St. Kitts' Christophe Harbour offers an exceptional stay for discerning travellers. Between Antigua and St. Maarten, this naturally protected marina, expertly designed for seclusion and convenient access to surrounding attractions, houses up to 250 state-of-the-art berths. A prestigious superyacht hub featuring streamlined VIP customs, round-the-clock docking access, in-slip fuelling, and duty-free shopping, amidst the vibrant marina village, chic boutiques, art galleries, and welcoming cafes. With a balance of intimate seclusion and exclusive amenities, Christophe Harbour offers an immersive experience, setting the stage for an unforgettable Caribbean yacht charter.

    St. Lucia – Rodney Bay

    St. Lucia's Rodney Bay is a hidden gem in the heart of the Caribbean, known for its distinctive blend of tropical allure and luxury. Here, you'll find an impressive marina rich with world-class amenities, from the indulgent comforts of a full-service spa to the challenge of a championship golf course. Nestled amongst the region's boundless panoramas, the marina is perfectly positioned, giving you easy access to the pristine beaches and notable attractions such as the majestic Pitons, Soufrière Volcano, and Des Carties Rainforest. With an exceptional year-round climate only adding to the allure, Rodney Bay provides the elegance and charm befitting of a luxury Caribbean yacht charter.

    Martinique – Marina du Marin

    In Martinique's tranquil south, Marina du Marin beckons those on a luxury Caribbean yacht charter. Beyond its generous 830-berth capacity and cutting-edge facilities, it promises a refuge of unmatched serenity and security. Indulge in the marina's extravagant amenities, from a lavish spa to refined dining, all in the lap of the Caribbean's spectacular beauty, with the Pitons du Carbet and Fort Saint-Louis just a stone’s throw away. 

    Grenada – Port Louis

    Anchored in a peaceful lagoon near Grenada’s capital - St. George's, lies Port Louis Marina, the Caribbean's crown jewel for lavish yachting experiences. Accommodating up to 160 superyachts, ensuring unrivalled exclusivity, impeccable amenities, including round-the-clock security, premium provisioning, and upscale dining options, Port Louis Marina caters to the highest standards of luxury. Just steps away, indulge in the charm of the Carenage waterfront, boasting an eclectic mix of art, shops, and cafes. A short journey unveils the natural wonder of Spice Island, a paradise of lush rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, and untouched beaches awaiting your discovery. 


    Nestled in the chic capital of St Barthélemy is the Caribbean's ultimate superyacht destination, Port De Gustavia. Berthing vessels up to 60-metres amid the iconic red rooftops of St. Barts, it is no wonder high demand sees berths reserved months in advance, especially during the high season. An icon of the Caribbean yachting circuit, discover a tasteful marriage of culture and sophistication in this stunning location brimming with elegant boutiques, world-class French cuisine, and fine art galleries.

    Venture from the marina to Fort Gustave ruins and the serene Shell Beach, immersing yourself in the exquisite charm of St. Barts. Port De Gustavia is more than a marina; it's a uniquely luxurious Caribbean experience, impeccably designed for discerning yacht enthusiasts.


    Conveniently an official Port of Entry and a mere 30 minutes from Antigua’s International Airport, Jolly Harbour is easily accessible and the perfect port of call to embark on your yacht charter in the Caribbean.

    A picture-postcard setting on Antigua's sheltered west coast, on the horizon the silhouettes of Montserrat, Redonda, St. Kitts, and Nevis complete the view. Protected within an almost completely enclosed lagoon, superyachts up to 200 feet find reprieve in stern-to and alongside berths in the heart of the idyllic Leeward Islands. With Antigua's pristine bays and proximity to other Caribbean gems, Jolly harbour is a must on any luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean.


    Location is key when it comes to Caribbean marinas. Each island offers its unique allure, from the vibrant energy of St. Barth's to the secluded beaches of the British Virgin Islands. Consider whether you prefer the excitement of a bustling city or the tranquillity of a secluded cove, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Caribbean's untamed beauty and unspoiled landscapes.

    St Barts Marina

    Amenities and services also play a vital role in creating a luxurious experience. Look for marinas that offer top-notch facilities, such as state-of-the-art berthing spaces, reliable concierge services, and comprehensive security measures. Additionally, consider the availability of waterfront restaurants, high-end boutiques, and exclusive spa and wellness facilities to indulge in the Caribbean's opulence.

    Tailoring your choice to match your preferences is essential, and this is where we come in. Our specialist charter consultants are experts in crafting bespoke itineraries that perfectly fit your needs. So, whether you seek vibrant nightlife or a serene atmosphere, there is a Caribbean marina that aligns perfectly with your desires. Discover the vibrant music and cultural scene of Barbados or unwind on the pristine shores of St. Lucia. The Caribbean has an array of marinas that cater to diverse tastes and ensure an unforgettable experience on board your private Caribbean superyacht charter. Get in touch to start planning yours.


    Embarking on a Caribbean charter promises a world of opulence and exhilaration, but with a vast fleet of yachts to choose from, finding your perfect match can be a challenge. That's where our expert Charter Consultants step in, armed with an uncanny ability to unravel your desires and present you with a handpicked selection of tailored options. They possess the knowledge and finesse to turn overwhelming choices into a seamless, unforgettable experience, with access to the entire charter yacht fleet (both on and off market). Immerse yourself in a realm of luxury, adventure, and bespoke indulgence. Below, we invite you to explore our exquisite line-up of charter boats in the Caribbean.


    What are the best crewed luxury yachts for charter in the Caribbean? 

    What are some of the best Caribbean Yachting Events?

    Embrace the allure of a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean and elevate your experience with an array of illustrious events. Some of the best Caribbean yachting events include St Barths Bucket Regatta, the whale migration in the Turks & Caicos, the Junakanoo Carnival in the Bahamas, and Moonsplash in Anguilla.  

    Witness majestic whale migrations, sail alongside legends at the Grenada Sailing Week, or engage in prestigious golf tours springing up throughout the Bahamas and surrounding isles. The turn of the year brings a spectacle of fireworks, with the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas taking centre stage. In the Caribbean, your exclusive charter transcends mere exploration, becoming an immersive celebration in the heart of world-class entertainment.


    bucket regatta

    st. barths | march

    Mark your luxury yacht charter Caribbean itinerary with a gem: the St. Barths & Antigua 'Buckets' Regatta. Born from a friendly 1986 superyacht owners' rivalry in Nantucket, it's since blossomed into a premier event combining intense competition with convivial celebrations.

    The Bucket Regatta showcases 40 luxury sailboats every March since its Caribbean debut in 1995, making it a spectacle framed by picture-postcard scenery. Whether it's the thrill of competition amongst the world's finest sailing superyachts, or spectating from a private yacht in the picturesque waters of St. Barths, Antigua, and Nevis, or the infamous post-race celebrations, the St. Barths Bucket Regatta offers a spectacular spectacle to amplify the magic of your luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean.


    whale migration

    turks & caicos | january - march

    Witness the awe-inspiring annual humpback whale migration, a breath-taking ballet of breaches and lobtails that shouldn't be missed during your luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean. From late January to early March, these majestic creatures embark on a journey from their North Atlantic feeding grounds to their breeding grounds in the Caribbean.

    The Turks and Caicos Islands, particularly the remote Salt Cay, offer an exceptional vantage point for whale watching, thanks to its unique ocean topography. You may even have the rare opportunity to snorkel with these gentle giants, with encounters being respectful and low-impact. And don't be surprised if you encounter humpback whale calves, as the migration is often driven by birthing. 

    "Humpback whale"

    junkanoo carnival

    the bahamas | december - january

    Junkanoo is a four-day festival of music, dance, and costumed revelry that is the heart and soul of Bahamian culture. The festival primarily takes place in Nassau from Boxing Day to New Year's Day, and smaller celebrations occur on other islands in the Bahamas.

    A spectacle of vivid costumes, rhythmic dance, and soulful music that unfurls across the Bahamas, from the luxurious front-row seat of your private superyacht, indulge in this authentic Caribbean experience - the exhilarating rush-out and rush-in parades, the thrilling JunkaMania music festival, and various other vibrant celebrations.

    Offering more than a glimpse into authentic Bahamas, Junkanoo is an irreplaceable gem to add entertainment and excitement to your bespoke yacht charter itinerary.

    "Junkanoo Carnival"



    Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of Anguilla's Moonsplash, the longest running independent music festival in the Caribbean. This music festival held every March, pulsates rhythmic reggae rhythms against the backdrop of the exquisite Anguilla. Imagine dancing barefoot on pristine sands, the beats of celebrated reggae artists reverberating under a golden sunset.

    Moonsplash is more than music; it's a celebration of Caribbean culture. Dubbed to be ‘one of the world’s greatest beach parties’, a jam-packed line up in a stunning location offer a heady blend of entertainment and leisure that perfectly complements the opulence of your yacht charter.




    Elevate your Caribbean superyacht charter by including the St. Maarten Multi-Hull Challenge, the Caribbean's fastest sailing regatta event, on your charter itinerary. Every February, the world's top multihull sailors assemble for a thrilling and scenic race, providing an adrenaline-charged spectacle set against the island's breath-taking landscape.

    Since its 2018 inception, the event's popularity has skyrocketed, hosted by the prestigious Sint Maarten Yacht Club. Beyond racing, enjoy a vibrant social calendar filled with receptions, beach parties, and an awards ceremony. If you are looking for a truly unique and exciting Caribbean yacht charter experience, then the St. Maarten Multi-Hull Challenge is the perfect event for you.


    grenada sailing week

    grenada | january - february

    Experience the epitome of Grenadine luxury and sailing competition with a Caribbean superyacht charter during Grenada Sailing Week. This esteemed six-day regatta marks the beginning of the southern Caribbean racing season, showcasing the pinnacle of sailing excellence against the backdrop of Grenada's mesmerising turquoise waters.

    Discover the thrill of navigating windward and leeward courses, from the serene west coast to the invigorating open southern seas or spectate in the lap of luxury and explore the remarkable beauty of Grenada and its sister isle, Carriacou. With pristine beaches, vibrant sea grape trees, and an abundance of rum shops, this is the essence of Caribbean charm. 



    Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about chartering yachts in the Caribbean.

      Costs for a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean are shaped by several key elements - the yacht's size, onboard facilities, seasonality, and the chosen itinerary. The allure of such a high-end experience is undeniably invaluable, although costs can be significant. A budget-friendly charter option might begin around USD 50,000 per week, providing a professionally crewed and amply comfortable superyacht. For a journey of unmatched opulence, the Caribbean's most luxurious superyachts and mega yachts, costs may exceed USD 500,000 weekly.

      Keep in mind, the base charter fee isn't all-inclusive. Additional charges such as fuel, groceries, marina fees, and the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) apply to the cost of a Caribbean yacht charter. But with the luxury of a dedicated Captain, gourmet chef, and attentive crew, coupled with the breath-taking Caribbean, a superyacht charter here is truly invaluable.

      Booking a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean is a tailored experience. The fee covers the yacht hire and dedicated crew. Depending on the vessel's grandeur, a Captain, deck crew, interior crew, and private chef cater to every requirement. Select charters may even include additional experts like fitness trainers or beauty therapists. Your Captain ensures safe navigation, the deck crew manages exterior maintenance and exciting watersports, while the interior crew provides top-tier service, from serving gourmet meals to meticulous housekeeping. Prior to the voyage, a preference sheet ensures personalised dining experiences. Insurance is included in your fee, ensuring worry-free exploration of the stunning Caribbean waters. It's an experience you'll cherish long after the journey ends.

      Securing your dream luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean is a streamlined affair with our expert Charter Brokers. Catering to your unique tastes and preferences, we guide you through the selection process, offering a handpicked selection of yachts that suit your preferences, budget, and itinerary. Upon choosing your ideal yacht, we prepare a detailed MYBA contract that encapsulates all the nuances of your charter, from payments to the APA, and arrival to departure logistics. We manage every detail for a worry-free, unforgettable luxury voyage. Reach out to us today to embark on your dream Caribbean yacht experience.

      Upon finalising your charter contract, a deposit of 50% of the charter fee is typically required. The balance, along with any additional fees, is due one month before the start of your charter. With a simple and secure payment process in place, you can concentrate on the anticipation of your upcoming Caribbean adventure. These direct payments cover your yacht charter fee, including the APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance). Our Charter Team remains readily available to address any queries regarding the payment process, ensuring a seamless and worry-free booking experience.

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