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Charter Destination Corsica

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A luxury yacht charter in Corsica offers exceptional cruising grounds with world-class beaches, beautiful anchorages, quaint towns and hundreds of secluded coves.

Rising out of the sea in a magnificent peak, Corsica is a natural playground for superyachts, as alluring for families as it is for activity enthusiasts. Windswept and seductively natural, this peaceful French island lies west of Italy and north of Sardinia: a rocky outcrop south east of the French shoreline. Islanders are Corsican, not French, and are fiercely proud and independent in a land renowned for its geographical diversity. The mountainous interior is dotted with villages crammed between rising hills and lined with some 200 stunning beaches. Home to more than 1,000km of picturesque coastline, there are countless spots to drop anchor, take a refreshing swim and enjoy the gentle breeze.

If you are seeking a unique site to drop anchor along the coastline, Bonifacio is a favoured yacht charter destination in Corsica. It is spectacularly perched high on a cliff within a magnificent coastal setting, best appreciated when approached by yacht. Clusters of pastel houses cling atop the towering rocks and the old town delivers a fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets and historical buildings.

A blend of old and new, Porto Vecchio is a well-preserved example of Genoese mediaeval architecture, known as the St Tropez of Corsica. Winding streets surround the atmospheric main square, while beachside paradise is found on the vast sandy expanse at Plage de Palombaggia where superyachts anchor opposite in the bay.

Corsica stands as an idyllic backdrop for luxury yacht charters, offering a blend of adventure and serenity that caters to every age and interest. The island's varied coastline, from the serene bays of the Gulf of Valinco to the pristine shores of Palombaggia and Rondinara, provides a playground of golden sands and crystal-clear waters. These spots are not just visually stunning but also easily accessible by yacht, making beach hopping an effortless joy aboard a private yacht.

The southern tip of Corsica houses Bonifacio, a historical jewel perched atop white cliffs, offering a unique blend of history and dramatic landscapes. Its harbour, one of the most striking in the Mediterranean, serves as a gateway to exploring the old town's narrow streets, rich with centuries-old architecture and stories.

Inland adventures reveal the rugged beauty of Corsica's mountains, such as the Col de Bavella, where trails of varying difficulty levels invite you to explore at your own pace, ensuring that adventurers, both young and old, can enjoy the breathtaking views together.

For aquatic enthusiasts, the island's clear waters are ideal for snorkelling and diving, providing an incredible underwater spectacle of marine life. Corsica encapsulates a diverse range of experiences, making it the perfect setting for a both family yacht charters or a romantic couples retreat, combining luxury and passionate culture with the thrill of discovery.

Why Visit?

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Chic boutiques
  • Vibrant nightlife
  • History and culture
  • Stunning views
  • World class restaurants