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Going a step beyond charter and entering the realms of yacht ownership delivers the ultimate freedom and unlimited yachting experiences.

Going a step beyond charter and entering the realms of yacht ownership is an exciting, if sometimes daunting, process. Whilst a significant investment, buying a yacht can create the greatest of rewards by delivering the ultimate freedom and most treasured memories with your loved ones.

Whether a previously seasoned charterer or an aspirational explorer, your prior travel experience will play a key part in deciding what is important to you when purchasing a yacht. No matter if buying, building, restoring or refitting, details such as overall yacht style and layout, flexibility and size of accommodation, together with on board facilities, are significant factors that will shape your future yachting experiences. It is essential to buy the right yacht for the journeys you envisage – a very different yacht is needed to enjoy Mediterranean beach-hopping than for a host of globe-trotting adventures.

man diving into sea off a yacht

Buying a yacht can be a complex business and so it is important to work with a specialist yacht broker – not only to ensure that you end up with a yacht that meets your needs, but also that it is technically sound and that you pay the best price. Guided by comprehensive, objective and fair advice from a dedicated broker, the selection and purchase process should be a successful and positive experience. Armed with a detailed understanding of your requirements, our sales brokers use their in-depth knowledge of the yachting industry, along with their local insights and extensive contacts, to find you the perfect yacht to suit your needs. There are also vital considerations such as price and contract negotiations, ownership and corporate structure, surveys and sea trials plus administrative documentation that an experienced yacht broker will be able to support you with.

So, what are the advantages of owning a yacht? The primary benefit is, of course, being able to choose, build or refit a yacht that exactly meets your individual aesthetic and functional requirements. Do you prefer contemporary design or need a yacht that can accommodate an elderly relative? There is no need to compromise once you make the leap into yacht ownership.

Motor yacht SIBELLE unloading tender

In addition, you will be able to hand-pick your own personal crew. To achieve an outstanding yachting experience every time, a professional, loyal and longstanding crew are of course an essential ingredient.  Immediate choices will be the appointment of Captain, crew and chef – all of which can be selected to fulfil the type of team, atmosphere and level of standards you envisage having on board. Early appointment of a Captain and their involvement in the selection process of the remaining crew will allow you to benefit from his or her experience and personal network of contacts.

Superyacht captain and guest

Another one of the top reasons for buying a yacht is choice. You choose where to cruise, when to go and who accompanies you. Whether planning a trip with friends to soak up the sun and fun in Ibiza, or a multi-generational cruise with grandparents and toddlers in the Bahamas, you have complete freedom to create itineraries along with your Captain that meet your precise requirements. Want to bring the family dog on board? On your own yacht, this is now entirely up to you.

One important question is to ask yourself how much time you realistically envisage spending on your yacht. You may wish to offer your yacht for charter whilst not in use, offsetting an element of operational costs while keeping your crew active and creating a valuable charter reputation at the same time. This is a key consideration to factor in and to discuss with your broker during the purchase process, as it may influence the style and design of yacht you choose.

Whether you are passionate about yachting, love the privacy of your own floating luxury hotel, or just want to discover a new view every day, owning a yacht can be one of the best things you ever do. It’s a priceless chance to relish time with family and friends, whilst cruising together and building memories that last a lifetime, encouraging a deeper interest in the ocean and experiencing a unique way to travel.

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