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Articles M/Y KINDA Design: A Francesco Paszkowski Masterstroke?

In the rarified world of luxury yachting, few names resonate as profoundly as Francesco Paszkowski. One of his latest masterpieces? Motor yacht KINDA.

KINDA, the fourth in the Tankoa S501 series stands as yet more proof of Paszkowski’s unparalleled ability to harmonise cutting-edge design with timeless elegance. At Ocean Independence, we have long admired Francesco’s work, recognising in it a reflection of our own commitment to excellence in luxury yachting.

From sleek, sporty lines that command attention to sumptuous interiors that evoke an ambiance of refined comfort, every aspect of KINDA speaks to the designer’s meticulous attention to detail and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of luxury.

Over the years, Paszkowski has carved out a niche in the superyacht industry, collaborating with some of the most prestigious shipyards in the world. His portfolio is a testament to this versatility, encompassing a range of designs from sleek, agile vessels to imposing explorer yachts. Each project under his name bears the unmistakable Paszkowski touch: clean lines, balanced proportions, and an unerring attention to detail.

As we turn our attention to one of his latest masterpieces, we see that, without doubt, KINDA is no exception.


Collaborating closely with Tankoa Yachts, Paszkowski and his team faced an intricate design process, meticulously balancing aesthetics with practicality, luxury with sustainability, and innovation with tradition. Every curve, every line, and every space aboard KINDA was the subject of intense deliberation and creative ingenuity.

At first glance, the profile is striking – a testament to Paszkowski’s ability to infuse contemporary flair into the timeless allure of classic yacht design. The near-plumb bow is a bold choice, one that not only contributes to the yacht’s dynamic appearance but also enhances its hydrodynamic efficiency. This feature, reminiscent of classic ocean liners, is a nod to the heritage of yachting while firmly anchoring KINDA in the modern era.

Paszkowski’s design is not just about looking back; it’s about pushing boundaries. The flowing lines of the superstructure provide a clear declaration of what lies within and give her a sense of forward motion, even when anchored. However, these lines are not mere aesthetic choices; they are carefully crafted to reduce wind resistance and improve the yacht’s performance. It’s this marriage of form and function that exemplifies Paszkowski’s design ethos.



One of the yacht’s most ingenious features is the hidden beach club and side-loading tender garage, seamlessly integrated into the stern. This design choice is a masterstroke by Paszkowski, maintaining the yacht’s sleek lines while offering expansive leisure spaces. At the push of a button, the transom door opens out and down, revealing a spacious beach club that invites guests to connect with the sea.

Paszkowski’s creative flair is evident in how he has maintained the yacht’s graceful silhouette while incorporating these practical elements. The tender garage, often a challenge to integrate without disrupting a yacht’s lines, is neatly tucked away on the port side. It’s this ability to harmonise the practical with the beautiful that justifies the plaudits Paszkowski’s work has consistently received.

KINDA at dusk


KINDA’s interiors are further testament to Paszkowski’s ability to create spaces that are as luxurious as they are liveable.

Upon entering the salon, one is immediately struck by the expansive yet warm feel, a result of the strategic use of enormous side windows and a reflective ceiling treatment. These elements work in concert to bathe the space in natural light, enhancing the sense of openness. The salon is characterised by a magnificent L-shaped settee, facing two free-standing club chairs. This arrangement fosters an environment conducive to relaxation and conviviality, perfect for unwinding with friends over a vintage bottle or engaging in intimate conversations.

Moving forward, the formal dining space presents a striking smoked-glass table, seating ten guests in absolute comfort. This area exemplifies Paszkowski’s knack for blending functionality with style. Large windows flank this space, ensuring that the connection with the sea is ever-present, even as guests dine.

KINDA main salon

KINDA formal dining space


KINDA’s pièce de resistance? Undoubtedly it is the full-beam owner’s suite. The king bed, a lavish walk-in closet, and a generous en suite head with amenities such as his-and-hers sinks and a shower for two, are all designed with an acute awareness of the desires of those who seek the finest in yachting experiences. The starboard-side seating area with a table offers a private nook for morning reflections or evening contemplations, with windows on both sides of the room opening to produce a fun, functional, and fresh space for owners to relax.

The vast, main deck VIP cabin, offers guests a sanctuary of luxury. The king bed, draped with sumptuous linens, promises restful seclusion, while the 55-inch HDTV only adds to the modern comforts. The en suite head, with his-and-hers sinks, and the cavernous wardrobe spaces, are thoughtful additions that speak to Paszkowski’s understanding of the needs of the modern yacht guest.

In each of these spaces, Paszkowski’s design principles are evident. He achieves a delicate balance, ensuring that each area is as aesthetic as it is comfortable and functional. The use of high-quality materials, coupled with a keen eye for detail, results in interiors that are not just spaces but experiences in themselves.


Francesco Paszkowski’s mastery in design meets Tankoa Yachts’ cutting-edge craftsmanship in the creation of KINDA and the S501 series. This vessel isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a marvel of modern engineering, boasting a near-silent hybrid propulsion system. The expansive aft deck, vast beach club, and foredeck Jacuzzi exemplify luxury on the exterior. Inside, KINDA unfolds into a spacious six-stateroom layout across three decks, accommodating up to 12 guests in unparalleled comfort.

Built to Lloyd’s Class and commercial standards, KINDA is versatile, equally suited for both private escapes and high-end charter experiences. Her design and build quality ensure she stands out in the world of luxury yachting. While we’ve only touched on a few of her remarkable features, it’s clear that they collectively forge a yacht of exceptional calibre.

KINDA is currently listed for sale with Ocean Independence and lying in the West Mediterranean. To discover more about this stunning yacht don’t hesitate to enquire below.

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KINDA Jacuzzi

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