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Articles Sustainable Yacht Flowers: Stilla’s Pioneering Approach

Loreta Cazacu and Karolina Szczytowska are transforming yacht floristry with STILLA Flowers, a company offering sustainable, yacht-focused solutions.

Leveraging their experience from previous careers in yacht management and yacht crew respectively, they address both environmental and operational challenges of traditional floristry on luxury yachts.

Often seen as an effortless art by superyacht stews, the process behind keeping fresh flowers on board a busy yacht hides its own set of complexities. The sourcing, arrangement, and maintenance of fresh flowers is not only time-consuming and costly, but also carries a significant environmental burden.

This is where STILLA have found their niche. Bespoke arrangements of bio-preserved flowers and plants that maintain their fresh appearance for up to a year…yes, you read that right, real flowers that last a whole year.

An innovative approach that not only reduces the environmental impact of flower deliveries, such as carbon emissions from regularly transporting fresh flowers globally, but also aligns with the yachting community’s growing demands for eco-conscious practices, while simultaneously streamlining yacht operations.


With extensive experience working in crew and yacht management, Loreta (STILLA CEO), recognises the need to provide completely bespoke floral arrangements for yacht Owners, stating that, “our approach is not just about aesthetics but also about gaining a deep understanding of the unique preferences and styles of each yacht and its Owner.”

Offering Clients the opportunity to hand pick an array of flowers and arrangements that, through advanced bio-preservation techniques, retain their fresh look for up to 12 months, each arrangement, whether a stunning centrepiece or a cabin-transforming bouquet, is custom-designed, ensuring a perfect match with the yacht’s aesthetic and the Client’s vision.

STILLA’s process begins with a detailed consultation, understanding each Client’s unique needs. The team then works closely with Clients, offering detailed sketches, and concepts before production to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

The result? Not only do Owners get the satisfaction of an atelier experience and unique flower arrangements, but the crew and yacht manager are relieved of the need to organise frequent flower deliveries, thereby reducing transportation and delivery costs, and unnecessary emissions.

Stilla Flowers on Yacht


At the heart of STILLA’s philosophy is a deep-seated commitment to sustainability. Their use of a plant-based, biodegradable glycerine in preserving their eternal flowers is testament to this.

It is an approach that presents a stark contrast to the traditional floristry practices that often rely on harmful pesticides and microplastics. By embracing such eco-friendly production methods, STILLA ensures that their flowers retain their fresh look for over a year, all while adhering to natural growth cycles and eliminating the use of all pesticides.

Moreover, STILLA’s choice to use 100% natural and biodegradable products adds yet another layer to their sustainability credentials. Unlike typical fresh flowers, which are notorious for containing significant amounts of microplastics, STILLA’s flowers, upon reaching the end of their extended lifespan, decompose naturally and harmlessly.

This is particularly notable in the yachting context where fresh flowers, often disposed of overboard, contribute to ocean pollution with their microplastic content found in the Oasis foam flowers are generally set in.

Loreta, elaborating on STILLA’s sustainable approach, says, “Take, for instance, our recent visit to a 55-meter yacht where we replaced flowers that were a year old. We don’t merely remove and dispose of them. Even after a year, they retain their beauty, though they start to lose their freshness. Our solution is to donate these still-vibrant flowers to local hospitals and care homes. There, they continue to spread joy instead of being wastefully discarded. This practice not only extends their life and purpose but also resonates with our commitment to sustainability.”

This way, STILLA’s arrangements leave no such detrimental footprint, aligning perfectly with the modern yachting ethos that prioritises both luxury and environmental responsibility.

Stilla Flowers in Yacht Table 2


The long-lasting nature of STILLA’s arrangements also translates into considerable savings in time and money for yachts. Traditional fresh flowers require constant upkeep – watering, trimming, and replacing, which is a substantial operational undertaking on a busy yacht.

In contrast, STILLA’s bio-preserved flowers need no water, sunlight, or regular maintenance, thriving in various onboard conditions, from temperature fluctuations to limited natural light. This efficiency not only lightens the workload of interior crews, freeing them to focus more time on elevating the guest experience, but also streamlining operational management for yacht managers.

By sidestepping the recurrent expense and logistical complexities of renewing fresh flower arrangements, STILLA’s approach simplifies budgeting, introducing a welcome predictability in the often-fluctuating finances of yacht operations and accounts.



At STILLA Flowers, a commitment to making a positive environmental impact in the yachting industry is at the forefront of their mission. By innovating with their long-lasting, bio-preserved floral arrangements, they are not just transforming yachting aesthetics but also championing a more sustainable approach.

A sentiment that aligns perfectly with Ocean Independence’s values, we are strong advocates of such sustainable initiatives, especially those that positively influence yachting’s position in the environmental debate.

stilla flowers yacht in background

For those interested in embracing this sustainable elegance, we are delighted to offer a discount to all Ocean Independence Central Agency yachts.

To learn more about the exceptional services offered by STILLA Flowers, we encourage you to contact us directly.

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