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SHA Wellness Clinic’s pioneering brain-training treatments, developed in conjunction with NASA and Harvard University, will help you reach the zenith of your potential

Surely the greatest investment we can make in life is in our own health and wellbeing. Craft the very best version of yourself at Spain’s venerated SHA Wellness Clinic, which has, in just over a decade, established itself as one of the world’s leading medical spas. 

Nestled on a cliff-top overlooking the Bay of Altea, SHA was established in 2008 by Alfredo Bataller Parietti, an Argentinean-born businessman who adopted a macrobiotic diet after years of illness and saw a dramatic improvement in his health. 

SHA fuses ancient Eastern practices with cutting-edge Western medicine to make a profound impact on your health and lifestyle choices. 
Aside from providing the expertise of more than 300 professionals specialising in everything from nutrition and osteopathy to the latest in anti-ageing medicine, SHA is a pioneer of cutting- edge science. Nowhere is this more in evidence than in the clinic’s new Brain Photobiomodulation treatment. Beloved by high-profile executives and decision-makers who want to get the most out of their cognitive function, this the 45-minute brain- training therapy uses NASA and Harvard University technology to stimulate the brain’s cellular recovery, which can help combat anxiety and boost energy levels. 

Overseen by neuroscientist and psychologist Dr Bruno Ribeiro, the sessions see guests fitted with a soft, state-of-the art helmet which sends low- intensity currents and infrared light to different areas of the brain. This increases oxygen levels in the brain cells which improves memory, concentration, hormone regulation, overall cognitive performance and mental control. Craftsmanship doesn’t get much more impressive than that. 

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