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Live Events

Pushing the Limits

The sum of all your training


Ice Run


Every November, the Antarctic Ice Marathon takes place at 80 degrees south, just a few hundred miles from the South Pole, at the foot of the Ellsworth Mountains. The only official marathon within the Antarctic Circle, it presents participants with a formidable challenge. With heavy snow underfoot, an average wind-chill temperature of –20 degrees Celsius and altitudes of 700m, it is hostile. But for those with a thirst for adventure, running through the frozen majesty of this breathtaking continent is a once-in-a-lifetime feat.

mountain range in snow


Escaping The Rock

San Francisco

With freezing waters, twisting roads and rocky paths, Escape from Alcatraz in June is not a triathlon for the fair weather athlete. Set against the natural beauty of San Francisco, you’ll swim the 1.5-miles from infamous Alcatraz Island to the shores of the St Francis Yacht Club, battling treacherous currents, before completing a gruelling 18-mile bike ride, and finally a demanding eight-mile run through the uneven trails of the Golden Gate Recreational Area.



Remote Racing


Patagonian Expedition Race in February is the ultimate challenge of mental and physical strength. In teams of four, participants race distances of up to 800km without seeing another soul. Each section of the race requires trekking, kayaking, mountain biking and backcountry navigating. Competitors will traverse through the pristine southern Patagonia, advancing over plains, mountains, glaciers, forests, swampland, rivers, lakes and channels; guided only by mind and spirit but driven on by heart and soul. Every year the course is unique.


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