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Staying Ship Shape

Relaxation for some is the balance of sun, fun and wellness and today many yachts have gym spaces on board. Edward Thomas, founder of Gym Marine, gives his top tips for working out and staying well.

superyacht gym


You want keeping fit on board to be a bit different than if you were at home. While on a charter in the Caribbean or Ibiza, for example, you may as well enjoy the sunshine and the views. A boat in itself is actually one of the best gyms ever. There are rails everywhere, there lots of steps, you are surrounded by the ocean and beautiful scenery; this is the dream!


You will generally find one of two types of gyms on board superyachts. On predominantly private yachts that only charter once in a while each year, the gym is usually extremely tailored to the owner. If they train for a particular discipline or have a particular injury, the gym will reflect this. Whereas, boats that charter the majority of the time feature gyms that are more like hotel gyms; more ‘one size fits all’. Generally speaking, popular charter yachts usually have the best gyms because they are versatile and have something for everyone. The best gyms will balance a good cardio selection with strength and training elements. A lot of designers when they are putting together the gym lean towards putting the standard machines in there – the treadmill, the cross trainer and the bike – but actually a superyacht gym can be much better than that. Look out for an on board gym that has more than just cardio machines. A multi-gym where you can do some strength activities is great.

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If you have found the perfect yacht but it doesn’t have a dedicated gym space, don’t worry, there is plenty you can do. The absolute best form of cardio on a superyacht is going for a swim around the boat. This is amazing exercise and also extremely enjoyable as well as something unique you can only do on holiday. You can also run up and down the stairs, you can find handrails that go around corners and use them to do dips, you can do HIIT on the aft deck or yoga sessions on the sundeck, and on some yachts, you even can run all the way around the boat uninterrupted. Before you charter, you can also actually request loose equipment on your preference sheet, such as kettle bells, skipping ropes and weights, and your broker or the crew will source these for you.


For a lot of professional athletes, a charter mid-season is a chance to relax but they still need to keep up with their training. Often, they have specialty equipment and large machines they use and need them to be on board. If you normally train with a certain machine, you can rent them for the duration of your trip. Gym


Marine can supply almost anything if you give enough notice, whether it is a specialty piece of equipment or a standard machine. With this service you can request the exact machine that you train with at home, so your routine is completely uninterrupted.

superyacht fitness gym


If you want some special sessions on board, you can request the addition of extra professionals. Guests on larger charter boats with lots of space might want to bring a personal trainer or a yoga instructor on board for the length of the trip. For those with more limited space or who only want someone a couple times, you can hire professionals for specific locations or days on your charter. Gym Marine have a network of associate wellness professionals available that can provide guests with the perfect fitness or wellness pros. From personal trainers to massage therapists, these additions can help add real indulgence to a charter and are really easy to organise. Where ever the yacht is, it will be possible to access trained fitness professionals.


If you want to incorporate fitness and wellness into every aspect of your charter, advise your broker who will talk to the chef and arrange for a nutritious meal plan or specific healthy treats for your charter. You can also make sure that you make the most of your surroundings with hiking, paddle boarding, jogs on the beach – anything that will get your heart rate up and you connected to nature!


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