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Design and Technology


From submarine to airborne, we pick the most revolutionary, and frankly awesome toys, to stock in your yacht’s garage


Iguana 29 Exclusive

Iguana Yachts

With a top speed of 40 knots, the slick, futuristic Iguana 29 undoubtedly turns heads. Yet the most remarkable feature offered by this luxurious tender is its ability to drive directly up onto the beach. Using retractable legs with rolling tracks that drop down from the hull, this amphibious tender can ‘emerge from the water and explore land, as the first iguanas did, millions of years ago’ according to the designer, Brittany-based Iguana yachts. The 29 Exclusive made its debut in 2015 and features a gold-plated stairway, boarding ladder, cleats and rails; plus luxury leather trim and a bar embedded in the table housing prestigious Saint-Louis French crystal glasses.

iguana yachts




As technology forges ahead, owning an underwater tender to explore below the surface is gaining popularity. Now relatively easy to launch and pilot, as well as remarkably safe and light, the Dragon is the latest incarnation from DeepFlight with a positive fixed buoyancy system, (instead of traditional submarine technology which uses water ingress to rise and fall). That means if you run out of power, you will simply float up. The pilot doesn’t need to understand every area of the technology and, suffice to say, the design began with ensuring a completely panoramic outlook from the view-port. This is a sub that runs perfectly, whether it’s used everyday or once a year.

deep flight dragon toy


Icon A5

Icon Aircraft

Designed in Northern California, the Icon A5 tender-to-air light sports aircraft has certainly raised the bar for toys. As a recent nominee for the National Aeronautic Association’s (NAA) prestigious Collier Trophy, this unique aircraft reflects great aeronautical achievement in America. ICON’s vision is to democratize personal flight by: ‘providing consumer-friendly, safe, technologically advanced aircraft that allow the freedom, fun, and adventure of flying to be accessible.’ It seems to be working due to the phenomenal amount of orders received since delivering the first production in July 2015.

icon A5 toy

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