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Design and Technology

Toys - Air, Land and Sea

Hover high in the sky, dive to the depths of the ocean floor or just floor it silently on the road. These toys will have you going places.




Sean Connery strapped on a jetpack as James Bond in Thunderball back in the 60s, although it was referred to as a ‘rocket belt’ in the film. Now, half a century later, it looks like these Bond-worthy backpacks could become a reality. Powered by two specially adapted jet engines (electric versions are in development), the packs currently enable speeds up to 60mph and fly for up to ten minutes at a time. We might not be flying to the office just yet though – with obvious risks and concerns still to be addressed, flights are currently restricted to the experts, with plans to roll out a number of experience centres very soon.

Jetpack aviation


Project Livewire


Growling gas engines might be synonymous with Harley Davidson motorbikes, but that hasn’t stopped the brand from designing an electric version, otherwise known as Project LiveWire. “Think electric guitar, not electric car,” they say. And while LiveWire is currently just a concept (albeit one set to become a reality in the next few years), there are plenty of other manufacturers who already have electric bikes on the market. And for those who choose to scoot instead of motor, the Vespa Elettrica is set to go on sale later this year.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle


Triton 3300/3


“Once you’ve seen Antarctica above the water, what do you think it looks underwater?’ So says the owner of Legend, one of the many explorer yachts that now come kitted out with a submarine, or two. Triton, a US-based company producing some of the most advanced subs on earth, proves that delving into the big deep needn’t be a claustrophobic affair. Their most popular offering, the 3300/3 has an air-conditioned pod for up to three people and can dive down to 1,000 metres. Earlier this year, a couple even exchanged vows in a Triton sub, deep underwater off the coast of New Providence in the Bahamas.

Triton submarine

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