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World Stage

Greek mythology, Caribbean piracy and Persian empires - event-makers Asaro's immersive theatrical experiences




Legendary Challenges


Travel through time with Asaro in the Mediterranean on an adventure that takes you along coastlines and through villages cloaked in myth and mystery.
In Greece, the gods walk the earth once more, and you’ll kneel before the formidable Apollo and Artemis as they task you with saving the human race. Your quest will see you master the intricacies of archery, ascend lofty mountains, delve deep into dark caves and dive into dazzling blue oceans to retrieve mystical artefacts.

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Voyage into the Past


In Turkey, Asaro takes you deep into the history of the Ottoman, Byzantine and Achaemenid empires. Great rulers from its past will be resurrected from the dead to entertain with spine-tingling performances, and the mighty King Croesus and Emperor Suleyman will personally set you challenges on the beaches of the Hisarönü Gulf, aboard magnificent gulets and in the ancient theatre at Patara.

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Battle on the High Seas

The Caribbean

Embark on an exhilarating journey from Saint Lucia to Grenada and gain an insight en route into the history of piracy. Along the way, you’ll encounter some memorable characters, including Christopher Columbus and the dastardly Blackbeard, witness an expertly choreographed pirate bar brawl, and be smuggled aboard a galleon for a thrilling battle. Asaro’s spellbinding special effects and world-class set designs will ensure even your wildest imaginings are exceeded

battle on the beach

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