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Articles Charter consultants discuss the yacht charter market at PIBS 2023

Discover the luxury yacht charter world, including insider tips, popular destinations for 2023, challenges faced, and memorable charter success stories.

Following another successful Palma International Boat Show (PIBS), we were once again encouraged by the incredible innovation and quality of services the world of luxury yachting continues to deliver. To delve deeper into our captivating industry, we got on board to catch up with some of our most experienced Charter Consultants.

Graciously sharing some of their invaluable insight and providing a glimpse into the current state of the luxury yacht charter world, we unveil insider tips, popular destinations for 2023, discuss challenges faced, and celebrate memorable charter success stories.


During a conversation with Ocean Independence Senior Charter Consultant Hanneke Maljaars we had the pleasure of discussing the art of curating the perfect charter itinerary. Stood amongst the bustle of the Palma Boat Show the Balearics were, naturally, used as her example.

“When it comes to the Balearics, there is just so much choice. With their beautiful islands, sheltered calas, and pretty coastal towns, crafting an itinerary is an absolute pleasure.”

Having lived in Mallorca herself for six years, Hanneke has plenty of local knowhow to share. “For those seeking to explore Mallorca, I always advise guests to embark in the Bay of Palma and gradually make their way up the west coast stopping at cala Deia and Sóller. This rugged landscape of the Tramuntana mountains truly encapsulates the essence of Mallorca, an experience not to be missed.

From there, move around the north of the island and cruise down the pretty east coast where you have a choice. Hop over to Menorca and discover its laid back, intimate feel or sail to Ibiza via the enchanting Cabrera nature reserve, and explore the buzz of Cala Jondal and Ibiza Old Town. Sail on to Formentera, anchor for 2-3 nights, and wake up to breath-taking views of its endless bays and turquoise waters. This is the true essence of yachting.”

Mallorca and Menorca

Highlighting the importance of embracing the island’s treasures, Hanneke emphasised “Don’t forget to step ashore and explore the Islands. They are brimming with hidden wonders that must be discovered. I always recommend allocating 2-3 days to truly immerse yourself in the island’s culture. Mallorca boasts awe-inspiring mountains, pristine beaches, and remarkable hiking trails. In just 10-15 days, you can get a real flavour of Spanish island life at its best.”

The allure of a Balearic Islands yacht charter is irresistible, and with years of experience, an expert Charter Consultant’s guidance will ensure your journey through these remarkable destinations is nothing short of extraordinary.

Top Charter Destinations for 2023

In a delightful conversation with Barbara Müller (Senior Charter Consultant at Ocean Independence), she revealed some fascinating insights about the destinations that have been stealing the hearts of her Clients this year.

“There has been a growing trend of venturing off the beaten path to more remote and untouched destinations. More and more people are seeking stripped-back luxury in nature’s embrace with increased interest in regions further north such as Scandinavia, and even Antarctica.”

However, the Mediterranean remains as popular as ever…

“For me, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and Capri have been particularly popular this year. Their combination of convenience and romance is what sets them apart. Short cruising between the islands spares Clients of lengthy journeys making one week charters a possibility.”


Delving into the captivating topic of the overcrowding issues faced by popular charter destinations – Hanneke shed light on this, stating, “Overcrowding has become a concern in some of the most sought-after charter destinations as we strive to provide an atmosphere of exclusivity on all of our charters.

We have noticed a growing trend where the most popular cruising grounds can become exceedingly busy during the peak season. As a Charter Consultant, the main challenge lies in meticulous planning to secure anchorages and marinas in the desired destinations, ensuring you secure a slot before they are fully booked..

However, the difficulty arises when it comes to spontaneity in choosing berths, restaurants, and exploring new routes. Ultimately, the key is for Clients to book their charter well in advance. This way, they guarantee smooth sailing for themselves, even in the most sought-after spots. The earlier you book, the better – especially for the high-demand destinations.”



According to Ocean Independence Charter Director Adelheid Chirco, last-minute charter requests have taken on a whole new meaning in recent years.

“It seems that since the Covid-19 pandemic, many individuals were meticulously planning their vacations months in advance. However, there has been a recent shift to booking with very short notice.

It’s important to note that many Clients have very busy working lives. While some meticulously plan every detail well in advance, others simply have to wait for a gap in their busy schedules to book their charter.

We always advise our Clients to consider the benefits of booking early. They can handpick their dream yacht and tailor their itinerary to their preferences, offering them the added luxury of personalised customisation, but of course this is not always possible.”

We pride ourselves on creating unforgettable experiences that transcend the challenges of spontaneous bookings. With our expertise, we’ll guide you towards pristine locations where tranquillity reigns supreme, crafting a bespoke journey tailored to your desires.



From romantic honeymoon getaways amidst the breathtaking Balearic Islands to awe-inspiring encounters with marine wildlife in the Caribbean, at Ocean Independence our dedicated Charter Consultants have truly mastered the art of curating unforgettable experiences. Barbara shared a memorable conversation with a Client who had a specific request in mind:

“They wanted to charter a modern sailing yacht, particularly a Wally, but couldn’t find the perfect boat. Sensing an opportunity to offer something unique, I suggested considering a classic yacht like a J class.

It turned out that a J class was their dream charter but they didn’t realise it was actually possible. So, I made arrangements for them to charter SHAMROCK V in Croatia. They enjoyed the experience so much, and not long after their return, purchased a classic sailing yacht of their own!”


These stories truly showcase the expertise and dedication of our Charter Consultants. They possess an exceptional ability to uncover their Clients’ hidden desires and transform them into reality. It’s moments like these that ignite our passion for crafting extraordinary charter experiences time and time again.

Left inspired and enthralled by their passion for the luxury yacht charter industry, expertise and dedication to curating extraordinary experiences shine through every word shared by the Ocean Independence Charter Consultants we spoke to at the Palma International Boat Show. Whether it’s exploring the sun-soaked Balearic Islands, discovering popular destinations, or addressing the challenges of charter, their guidance is invaluable.

Where every moment is curated with meticulous attention to detail, contact our Charter Team to open the door to a world of unforgettable yachting experiences.

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