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Articles Electric Boats: SOEL SENSES 62 Shines As A Proven Concept

Step into a world where luxury and sustainability intertwine, and the SOEL SENSES 62 solar electric luxury catamaran reigns supreme.

In a world where independence from fossil fuels is a coveted privilege and electricity becomes ever less carbon intensive, electric boats have already captured the hearts of many. Rising fuel prices and a thirst for unrestricted travel have given birth to a booming electric car market, and the same is now afoot in the yachting world.


Welcome to the future, where electric marine transport takes centre stage. Following in the footsteps of the automotive industry’s electric revolution, the demand for electric boats is soaring. But options remain scarce. This is where Soel Yachts come in. As a shipyard that epitomises unwavering quality and safety, Soel Yachts offers the SOEL SENSES 62, a vessel that not only provides comfort and craftsmanship but also instils trust with its proprietary propulsion and solar systems, ensuring durability and unmatched reliability.


While the SOEL SENSES 62 boasts a fresh design, its electric system is rooted in 16 years of relentless innovation. With a portfolio featuring over 20 ocean-going electric systems and a legacy of constructing daily operating electric boats for prestigious resorts, the SOEL SENSES 62 stands as a tangible step forward for the yachting world.


To delve deeper into exactly what this electric catamaran offers to discerning connoisseurs of refined yachting, below we detail the remarkable features and advantages of this luxury yacht showcasing its undeniable allure.




In today’s world, there is an increasing desire for yacht owners to break free from fossil fuels and embrace a lifestyle of independence and sustainability. As a result, the yacht market is experiencing an unprecedented boom as individuals seek to explore the world on their own terms.


However, with this heightened interest comes a significant challenge. Many yacht builders are facing an overwhelming backlog of orders, leading to extensive waiting periods for those eager to set sail. The competition for available build slots is fierce, making it difficult for enthusiasts to secure their dream vessel in a timely manner.


This is where the SOEL SENSES 62 solar electric luxury catamaran sets itself apart from the rest. As a leading player in the market, Soel Yachts recognises the urgency and longing of individuals who yearn to embark on their global adventures. To meet this demand head-on, direct build slots are readily available for production in Europe.


By securing a direct build slot with Soel Yachts, clients can bypass the long waiting times typically associated with new yacht construction. This opportunity allows them to fulfil their dreams of cruising the open waters with freedom and ease, unhindered by the constraints of time.


Not only does this availability provide a tangible advantage, but it also showcases Soel Yachts’ commitment to meeting the needs of their discerning clientele. Their forward-thinking approach to design and production ensures that they remain at the forefront of the solar-electric yacht industry, consistently delivering innovative and sought-after yachts.


SOEL SENSES 62 offers a unique opportunity for those who aspire to own an electric boat and experience the unrivalled luxury it brings. Whether you’re seeking to sail the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, explore remote tropical islands, or cruise along breathtaking coastlines, the SOEL SENSES 62 can turn your dreams into reality.


SOEL-SENSES-62 sunset


In today’s sustainability driven world, the future of yachting lies in the development of alternative propulsion solutions. With the widespread success and acceptance of electrification in the automotive industry, people have come to recognise the numerous advantages it offers. As a result, the demand for electric transport on the water is beginning to rise. However, when it comes to electric boats, the choices available are still relatively limited. That’s why finding a trusted partner who can deliver the highest standards of quality and safety is of utmost importance.

When embarking on the journey of electric yachting, it is essential to acquire a vessel that not only offers exceptional comfort and construction standards but also possesses a propulsion system that is both reliable and trustworthy. The SOEL SENSES 62 excels in all these aspects, making it a standout choice in this market.

At the heart of the SOEL SENSES 62 lies a propulsion system built upon state-of-the-art technology and in synergy with the hull design to offer maximum performance and stability. With every element meticulously designed and engineered, the system has been proven in the real world with test vessels and luxury resort shuttle boats to not only perform flawlessly but also stand the test of time.

Investing in an electric boat is not just about embracing the latest technology; it’s about securing a vessel that will serve you faithfully for many years to come. And the SOEL SENSES 62 guarantees the perfect blend of luxury and reliability. Whether you’re cruising along serene coastlines or embarking on grand oceanic voyages, this remarkable vessel is equipped to meet your every need.

16 years of experience and expertise in the field of electric yachting have allowed them to create a product that surpasses expectations. By building upon our previous successes and employing cutting-edge technology to craft a yacht that encapsulates everything a luxury catamaran should be.



When it comes to the SOEL SENSES 62, it may be a new design, but Soel Yachts is certainly no stranger to the industry. While the vessel’s exterior design may be fresh and captivating, the beating heart of this luxury catamaran lies in its electric system, which is built upon Soel Yachts’ 16 years of technological expertise.

With a history of developing over 20 ocean-going electric boats, Soel Yachts has gained invaluable experience through the construction of numerous daily operating electric shuttle boats for luxury resorts. This extensive track record sets the SOEL SENSES 62 apart in the industry as the only electric yacht with extensive real-world development, and 800,000 nautical miles of operation across all the vessels produced a testament to this proven concept.

The SOEL SENSES 62 is not a completely new product; rather, it builds upon the solid foundation laid by Soel Yachts since 2007. The existing customer base in the high-end hospitality industry stands witness to Soel Yachts’ unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality and reliability for electric boats intended for daily passenger transport.

By leveraging their vast experience and understanding of the unique demands of the luxury hospitality sector, Soel Yachts has fine-tuned their craftsmanship to ensure the SOEL SENSES 62 meets and exceeds the expectations of discerning yacht owners. It is through this deep knowledge and hands-on involvement in the industry that Soel Yachts truly understands the importance of delivering unparalleled excellence.

With the SOEL SENSES 62, you can rest assured that you are not merely investing in a new design, but rather in a proven concept built upon years of research, development, and operational success. Soel Yachts’ unwavering dedication to quality and reliability has positioned the SOEL SENSES 62 as a frontrunner in the world of electric boats, ready to provide an exceptional and unforgettable experience on the water.


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