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Articles Specialist Pick: Why A Luxury Yacht Is The Only Way To Visit The Amalfi Coast

Italian born Charter Broker Lisa Cavicchioli on exploring the most beautiful stretch of Italian coast by private yacht.

From growing up in Viareggio to her distinguished career in yachting, Lisa has always harboured a deep-seated affinity for the Amalfi Coast. From her career, which evolved from stewardess on the 70m REVERIE to becoming a well-established Retail Charter Broker, she offers some invaluable insights to make the most of a luxury yacht charter in this stunning corner of the Mediterranean, lionised for its sheer beauty and deep-rooted passion for the finer things in life.



Combine the Amalfi Coast with Positano, Ravello, and Capri, yachting simply doesn’t get better for me. A private yacht is the perfect way to take in this stunning stretch of coastline. While avoiding the crowded tourist sports and busy summer traffic, you get the best views of those impossibly pretty cliff-clinging towns cliffs and access to only-by-boat bays where whiling away an afternoon dipping in the turquoise water and lounging on deck offers the finest example of dolce far niente.

It’s impossible to get bored in this part of Italy. With chic beach clubs, boutique shopping, and fine dining establishments ashore, visitors with a penchant for the finer things are thoroughly indulged. While picture perfect towns like Ravello, Sorrento, and Positano are a culture vulture’s paradise.

Ravello Capri, Italy at Marina Grande at Twilight


The Faraglioni stacks are symbolic of Capri – spend the day anchored here in the crystal-clear waters beneath towering rock formations, head ashore to the iconic beach clubs then return to your yacht to drink apéro into the evening.

Extend your journey to the Li Galli islands for a refreshing swim or take a stroll through the picturesque streets of Positano. Capri’s limited road access emphasises its appeal as a destination best experienced by boat, offering unique spots like swim-up islets and the mesmerising Grotta Azzurra cave, which becomes a private viewing spectacle after the tourist boats leave.

Exploring further, the Amalfi Coast has more to offer with secluded scuba diving spots around uninhabited islands such as Palmarola and Zannone, where you can dive among Roman ruins without a soul in sight. On your yacht, you have exclusive access to amenities that are unmatched in these remote locations, making your floating abode the ultimate luxury outpost amidst the natural splendour of the sea.



At the Grand Hotel Quisisana in the centre of Capri, with its legendary terrace, has been a rendezvous for the glitterati—from royalty and Nobel laureates to luminaries like Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway. This iconic establishment offers an extensive selection of premium wines, spirits, and meticulously crafted cocktails, ensuring a bespoke experience amidst the glamour of Via Camerelle.

Grand Hotel Quisisana

Equally compelling, the Hotel San Pietro in Positano offers an exclusive sanctuary. It’s the only hotel in Positano boasting a private beach accessed via a cliff-carved elevator, leading to a serene cove. The Beach Club, reserved for guests, presents a tranquil escape with a bar that mirrors the luxury of your superyacht journey. Here, amidst crystal-clear waters, one can indulge in a curated selection of beverages, complemented by swift, attentive service. Both venues epitomise the pinnacle of luxury, reflective of the refined lifestyle afforded by a superyacht charter on the Amalfi Coast.



Da Paolino for an authentic Italian dining experience in Capri:

Firstly, Da Paolino in Capri, not just a restaurant but a journey into the island’s authentic culinary traditions. Nestled under a canopy of lemon trees, this iconic establishment offers a menu that beautifully blends traditional recipes passed down from its founder, Michelina, with contemporary flair.

Lo Scoglio in Marina del Cantone for wonderful seafood:

A haven for seafood aficionados, this family-run gem, perched by the sea, prides itself on delivering the freshest catch, directly from their waters to your plate. The authenticity and simplicity of Lo Scoglio‘s cuisine reflect the heart of the Amalfi Coast. The menu, enriched with produce from their own farm, offers seasonal specialties that capture the vibrant flavours of the region.


Pompeii for the Roman ruins:

Before departing from Naples, seize the opportunity for a private tour of Pompeii. In 79 AD, this affluent Roman enclave was immortalised under a shroud of ash, preserving its urban fabric across 67 hectares. The ash encapsulated an entire civilisation, offering a glimpse into a world suspended in time. Unearthed by archaeologists 1,500 years later, Pompeii presents a tableau both mesmerising and eerie. A short drive skirts the base of Vesuvius, leading you seamlessly to Napoli Airport in just 25 minutes.

Amalfi for the beautiful early 13th century cathedral:

The town of Amalfi is celebrated for its stunning early 13th-century cathedral, offering a glimpse into the area’s rich history. After being reconstructed following a 14th-century earthquake, the town emerged with the architectural splendour it’s known for today. The marina, bustling with everything from traditional fishing boats to sleek luxury yachts, paints a picturesque scene of Mediterranean life. Stepping off a luxury yacht rental and onto the cobblestone streets, visitors are enveloped in the authentic Italian atmosphere, marked by the enticing scents of fresh coffee, jasmine, and lemons.

Amalfi, Italy, September 26, 2023: Cathedral of St. Andrew in Amalfi

At the town’s centre lies the Piazza del Duomo, dominated by the impressive cathedral. This square, lined with sidewalk cafes and upscale shops, leads up to a church that dazzles with its Byzantine-style design, featuring remarkable frescoes, an array of columns, and dramatic arches. Beyond the confines of the town, the hills are adorned with lemon groves, inviting a leisurely stop for a refreshing glass of locally produced limoncello. This blend of natural beauty, historical architecture, and vibrant local culture makes Amalfi a must-visit destination for those exploring the Amalfi Coast by sea.

Ravello with Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo for their amazing gardens & unparalleled views:

With stunning views of the sea and huge historical significance, Ravello is a must visit. The 11th-century cathedral stands as a testament to its historical depth, complemented by the vibrant life in its cosy bars and exquisite restaurants. Not to be overlooked are the gardens of Villa Cimbrone and the Moorish-inspired Villa Rufolo, whose romantic ruins inspired Wagner’s legendary composition, making Ravello a must-visit for those seeking an immersive blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Villa San Michele in Capri former home of Axel Munthe:

Villa San Michele, crafted by Swedish physician Axel Munthe, is a beacon of cultural significance and natural beauty. Its award-winning gardens, set against Barbarossa mountain—a bird sanctuary established by Munthe—showcases the villa’s harmony with nature.

Munthe’s 1929 memoir, “The Story of San Michele,” detailing the villa’s creation, achieved global acclaim. Today, the villa, with its panoramic views and ancient Egyptian sphinx, continues to captivate visitors.

Housing a distinguished collection of art, predominantly Roman, Etruscan, and Egyptian, including a notable 3200-year-old sphinx, Villa San Michele reflects Munthe’s passion for beauty and history. This convergence of art, nature, and history underlines the villa’s enduring allure.

Villa San Michele Villa San Michele


La Fontelina Beach club in Capri for lunch and Taverna AnEma E Core for night clubbing:

La Fontelina Beach Club on Capri’s coast offers a traditional Italian escape, famed for its exclusivity and historical allure since 1949. It’s a haven where simplicity meets sophistication, attracting celebrities with its understated charm. Guests can indulge in authentic Mediterranean cuisine, lounging under iconic parasols with views of the Faraglioni rocks, it’s a quintessential stop on an Amalfi Coast yacht charter.

Anema e Core, established in 1994 by Guido Lembo, transforms Capri’s nightlife into a vibrant celebration of Italian culture. A modest tavern that draws A-listers for its unique blend of music and hospitality. It’s a place where the atmosphere is electric, with high-profile guests like Michael Jordan and Beyoncé losing themselves in the moment.

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