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Articles The SOEL SENSES 62: A Pioneer of Sustainable Yachting

With more yacht owners demanding green options, Soel Yachts are leading the way in truly eco-friendly luxury yachting.

Shipyards are most comfortable with themselves, and often at their best, when they act consistently. Every generation of their yachts continue the course upon which its predecessor, and its predecessor’s predecessor unto the nth generation, originally set sail. But every so often a shipyard goes off on a magical detour. An idea different to any previous naval architect’s pops up and is realised with spectacular conviction. They enter new markets, and change those markets, forever. Their conviction born out of historic success and a commitment to their brand. While the old business adage goes, the customer is always right, in some rare examples a shipyard presents the market with a yacht that breaks the mould and is hard to ignore.

The SOEL SENSES 62 electric catamaran might just be one of those yachts. It is a testament to the commitment of Soel Yachts to create a sustainable and luxurious yachting experience that caters to the needs of both the environment and those on board. With its impressive features, sleek design, and perfectly integrated and matched electric propulsion system, the SOEL SENSES 62 is the product of more than a decade of experience with electric naval architecture, projects carried out all over the world, and a passion for electrification and sustainability.

Here at Ocean Independence, we are thrilled to offer the SOEL SENSES 62 for sale and can confidently say it is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious yacht owners. Representing the culmination of 16 years of research, testing, and refinement let us dive deeper into what makes the SOEL SENSES 62 a true pioneer for sustainable yachting.


With over 800,000 nautical miles (equivalent to 17.5 circumnavigations of the globe) of electric powered research and development across oceans, Soel Yachts have achieved an unmatched level of real-world testing that has resulted in a quality and long-lasting product unequalled in the industry. When purchasing a SOEL SENSES 62, you are not only buying an electric yacht, you are buying into 16 years of experience, perfectly matched electric systems, and a company that is operational worldwide. It’s about actively taking part in the future of modern and sustainable yachting by investing into a brand, which is at the forefront of it.

Since their early foray into the market in 2006 when the first fully solar electric speedboat was built, to developing electric propulsion systems with the in-house partner Naval DC and delivering electric passenger vessels to the luxury hotel industry, and eventually offering a 62-foot solar electric yacht to the market, Soel Yachts have been committed to electrification and sustainability since their inception.


In a world littered with greenwashing and profiteering, they stand out as a brand with an unrivalled track record of experience in electric naval architecture. In 2008, long before going green was on the global agenda, and sustainability was a buzzword, they arrived at the Monaco Yacht Show with a ground-breaking, fully functional electric speedboat. But with the financial crisis that year, they diversified away from the leisure market and into daily operating vessels for passenger transport.

They continued to further develop and deliver their electric propulsion technology and focused on the build of commercially operating vessels. Since 2017 the models SoelCat 12 and Soel Shuttle 14 offer fully sustainable tours at high-end resorts – making passenger transport on the water not only green and enjoyable, but also very cost effective. Given the inherent distances travelled on these daily operational vessels, reliable and real-world testing has enabled them to perfect the electric propulsion and solar array technology, before re-entering the leisure market with their new 62-foot solar powered yacht.



An impressive platform from which the ultimate luxury eco-yacht can be delivered, unlike other eco-yachts that are simply converted from combustion engines to electric motors, the SOEL SENSES 62 was born electric. With slender hulls for low resistance, engineering for lightweight construction, and seamless system integration in mind, the solar electric catamaran delivers industry-leading range and superior operational systems.

Incorporating impressive design features, such as 42 state-of-the-art solar panels that generate an impressive 18.5 kWp of energy, clever use of glass throughout (including a full beam sliding door), and silent cruising capabilities, this solar electric catamaran is perfect for exploring picturesque coastlines in total tranquillity. While the electric motors offer a serene cruising experience between bays, once at anchor the solar panels will power the yacht’s hotel requirements without the need for a noisy generator to be running. Paired with ample deck space and a luxurious interior the SOEL SENSES 62 offers the ultimate yachting experience.

Boasting a dynamic and elegant exterior, coupled with a contemporary and inviting interior design that can be personalised to the Owner’s wishes, exceptional attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the yacht’s design. Ample options for sun-soaking, including the aft deck, forward-facing deck with a recessed lounge, and stern-facing flybridge sun deck, the design is characterised by outdoor living. With al fresco dining and lounging available on every level, there is even the option to spec the yacht with an open or enclosed flybridge.

Soel Senses 62 interior

The SOEL SENSES 62 is truly a vessel that embodies the principles of sustainability and luxury. It offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional motor yachts, without sacrificing style or comfort. The yacht's advanced technology and exceptional design make it an excellent choice for those who are passionate about sustainability and want to enjoy the beauty of the sea in a responsible and luxurious way.

If you're interested in learning more about the SOEL SENSES 62, enquire today and take the first step towards owning a luxurious, sustainable, and environmentally conscious yacht.

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