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Articles What Makes The BOLIDE 80 The Fastest Yacht In The World?

An exclusive interview with BOLIDE 80 chief designer, Brunello Acampora

In this age of ever-larger superyachts, it’s hard to turn heads in the MediterraneanMiami, and other yachting hot spots. But this summer, after making its global debut at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show, it is fair to say the BOLIDE 80 caused quite the stir.

Cutting a slender figure as she stood proud above the pontoon, with her elongated prow, aft set cockpit, rolled sheer, and sloping stern, she is without doubt supermodel material.

The product of Bolide Yachts and Victory Marine, her svelte lines and torpedo-shaped body pay tribute to the cigarette racers of bygone eras, albeit on a larger, and far more contemporary scale. However, there is a lot more to this stunning yacht than good looks.

Built with the focus of being the fastest superyacht in the world without compromising on luxury, after initial sea trials the BOLIDE 80 has comfortably taken the mantle as the fastest yacht in the world, having reached a staggering 76 knots.

Elevating the BOLIDE 80 beyond the reach of social envy and into a class of its own, this achievement has positioned this stunning yacht as a standard by which to be measured. Raising the bar for the entire industry, it is the fastest yacht money can buy, with an “elevated” superyacht stance.

However, getting to this point was no small feat. To find out more about the inspiration behind the creation of BOLIDE 80, as well as the advanced technology and cutting-edge design techniques employed in the production phase, we sat down with Bolide Yachts chief designer, Brunello Acampora.

BOLIDE Design Drawing


When posed with the question of what inspired the creation of the BOLIDE 80; Brunello’s response was one of confidence in his team. “Without trying to be presumptuous, due to our experience in the field, we only accepted the challenge because we knew we could do it.”

However, the BOLIDE 80 is not merely a testament to technical prowess; it is a celebration of speed, akin to the Italian love affair with fast cars.

In his response to the question of his inspiration, Brunello intricately weaved a narrative of historical admiration for speed, drawing parallels with British racing cars, the Spitfire, Sir Malcom Campbell’s Bluebird, and Italy’s ‘little red car’.

“BOLIDE 80 is a contemporary tribute to a rich heritage of pushing the limits, infused with a timeless charm you see in all icons of speed.”

BOLIDE 80 aerial image

Brunello emphasised the yacht’s technical mastery in each fundamental design element, likening it to a winning poker hand. Yet, beyond technical excellence, lies a quest for something more profound. “The BOLIDE 80 is not just about achieving staggering speeds; it is about transcending the norm and infusing speed with beauty and meaning, creating a mind-blowing experience from the moment you lay eyes on it.”

In this sense, the world’s fastest yacht is closer in spirit to a private jet than any other yacht. While most power boats capable of such speeds require a skilled pilot with a considerable slice of bravery to push the speed, BOLIDE 80’s passengers can sip Dom Pérignon in complete luxury, while the incredible machine transporting them goes about doing the extraordinary. Destined to be experienced by the very few, yet admired by the many, BOLIDE 80 stands as an incredible display of what is possible today.


The way in which the BOLIDE’s body is constructed also deserves comment. The use of carbon fibre lends its inimitable sleek silhouette and overwhelmingly sinuous lines to Bolide’s craftsmen.

An organic surfacing, as well as the potent aft-cockpit cigarette racer profile was adopted for BOLIDE, with several styling cues added. This concoction of engineering-driven, advanced design – skilfully and unintrusively intertwined with luscious, opulent living spaces exquisitely finished by Loro Piana affords the BOLIDE 80 an exalted presence.

This sublime sleekness ought to be at odds with its sheer size, yet isn’t, and this visual alchemy is at the root of the truly unique formula that has made this yacht an archetype of Italian yacht design elegance. It is a design of uncompromising performance and unadulterated luxury combined in a seemingly impossible way.

Setting a new precedent in yacht design that subsequent models like the 170 will follow, with regards to the treatment of surfaces, both the exterior and interior design are unquestionably beautiful; but were not solely shaped by aesthetic criteria.

Engineering requirements were of course at the forefront of the design process. The body is entirely made of carbon fibre — dubbed by Brunello as “the material of the millennium” — rather than employing the traditional GRP construction with heavy strengthening spas integrated into the hull.

Cutting-edge digital technologies including computational fluid dynamics and artificial intelligence were also employed and come together to optimise performance and design, ensuring that the BOLIDE 80 is not just fast, but beautifully fast.

Brunello stresses that “BOLIDE 80 is crafted with the user experience at its core. The yacht is designed to let its occupants enjoy the thrill of cruising at 55 knots, all while in safety and comfort, free from the fear that often accompanies extreme speeds on the water.”

A hydrodynamically optimised, multi-stepped hull, is paired with innovative semi-foiling technology. Namely, twin independent rudders that not only provide lift at slow speeds but also improve high speed handling stability, only enhancing the BOLIDE’s incredible performance.

An innovation Brunello designed himself for the 244 mph record breaking power boat – Spirit of Qatar, he took his learnings from that project to develop the unique, and simply brilliant steering system of BOLIDE. Simultaneously delivering astonishing top speeds and efficient cruising, she will plane at just 12 knots, cruise at a cool 55, and wide open will climb well past the 70-knot mark.

Combining three-2000 horsepower MAN engines, linked to three surface piercing propellers via a T Drive, and flexible trim tabs that bend rather than hinge to reduce drag, the BOLIDE 80’s sleek appearance is no masquerade, but backed up by advanced design and superior performance, reinforcing its status as the link between outright speed and on-the-water luxury.

“This is speed enjoyed in its purest form, a true testament to the skill and passion of the Bolide Yachts team.”

Bolide Dashboard

bolide Engine


As dedicated as they are talented, the Bolide team have created an object of sheer desire, and as we delve deeper into the BOLIDE 80’s creation, it becomes evident that every detail has been crafted to engage every sense and emotion of its occupants.

The BOLIDE 80 is a creation that Acampora believes will become a classic in decades to come. On this very topic, Brunello was keen to point out the subtle aspects of this yacht that leave a lasting impression, emphasising “lighting is one of the most powerful tools in a designer’s arsenal and it can make a statement in a yacht’s interior like no other aspect. The sculptural lighting you see throughout BOLIDE amplifies textures and patterns to create interest and draw focus to specific elements of the design.

In a surprising twist, the conversation turned to scent, a sense not often associated with yachting but one that Acampora is keenly focused on. Born into a family of perfumiers and a skilled perfumer in his own right, Brunello has ensured that the BOLIDE 80 engages even the sense of smell.

“We truly tap into every human sense with BOLIDE,” Acampora noted, a statement that rings true as you discover the use of cedar wood throughout the interior, chosen for its lightweight strength and it’s beautiful, natural scent, ensuring that “even your linen shirts hung in the cedar-lined wardrobes will carry a natural perfume.”

bolide leather craftsman

As you step aboard the BOLIDE 80, you are not just stepping onto a yacht; you are embarking on an emotional journey. Every element, from the acceleration that presses you back into your seat, to the scent of fine leather and aromatic cedar wood, has been carefully considered and masterfully executed.

This is a yacht that engages every sense, creating a holistic and harmonious experience that stays with you long after you’ve disembarked. It is a testament to the thought, care, and passion that the team at Bolide Yachts has poured into creating the world’s fastest yacht, ensuring that the BOLIDE 80 stands as a beacon of luxury, speed, and emotional engagement on the water.


With a limited run of just 10 BOLIDE 80s being produced, Ocean Independence Sales and Purchase Consultant Adam Sutton is proud to be representing Hull No.1 for sale along with future hulls, yet to be produced.

If you are interested in the purchase of Hull no.1 or the distinct honour of commissioning the build of the next BOLIDE 80, please do not hesitate to contact Adam Sutton.

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